Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh My What A Handsome Face

Ping is the most photogenic of all of our kitties. He has such a expressive face and his whiskers are extra long. He actually doesn't mind posing for me. Do you think he knows how handsome he is? I wonder sometimes because he is our ultra slim boy. He has the graceful movement of a finely tuned athlete. But he is also our most insecure kitty. When Ping first arrived, he was painfully fearful. The former owners did something to put the fear of people in him. After nearly 7 years Ping has emerged from his shy shell. He is a wonderful playful character, who will chatter all day at you, especially when he wants to get out on the back porch for some good sniffs like he is doing in the above picture. (Now if only I could totally cure him of his spraying....if he suspects a new introoder is outside, he will 'protect' and mark his terrority)
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  1. We're sure he knows he's handsome, how could he not? Lovely photo and so glad he's finally come out of his shell.

  2. We think he knows too! How could he not? What a gorgeous face!

  3. Ping is indeed a handsome Mancat....
    and very lucky to live with you after a traumatic start. Ummmm the spraying I don't have a solution for that one....obviously has something to do with the years before he came to you...
    Madi and Mom

  4. Absolutely, Ping is one handsome dude!

  5. Ping! Ping! You make my heart sing!

    Ah, the spraying thing is a tough one. I think there are a lot of individual variables, and I know there isn't one answer for all. I bet someone could make a career out of home visits and solutions to that dilemna...hmmmmm.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  6. Oh Ping! I have always thought you had a very handsome face! I know that I am kind of a shy kitty too. We can go hide together!

  7. Ping is VERY handsome. He is so lucky to have patient loving humans to help him overcome his fears.

  8. WOW Ping is really handsome. And he looks like the big leader and protector he is.


  9. How could he NOT know he's that gorgeous??? He should go take a peek in the mirror! Glad you got him out of his shy shell.

  10. Indeed he is very handsome. That is a lovely photo of him.

  11. ****whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet teeny princess Abby
    purrsss and nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  12. You are such a handsome mancat, Ping! And you pose so nicely for your mom.

    We're glad that you have a home now where you feel safe and loved and can be yourself!

    Wishing you all a nice weekend,
    Tamar and Charlemagne

  13. When you are that handsome, you must know it!

    If Ping knows there are intact introoder males lurking and marking outside in his yard, that will upset him.

  14. You are definitely very handsome and very photogenic, Ping!!!!!!!!! Look at those eyes and those whiskers....well, meowza, just look at the total make us mancats proud. xxxxxxxxx


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