Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Big E, The White Boy, And Winnie

Be not dismayed at Good-bye's. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again.

Dear Eric
We were sadden to learn from your Mom's posting today that you had to run off to the Bridge. We have followed you from the inception of your blog and today it feels like we have not only lost you;but a bit of ourselves as well. We always loved reading about your adventures out in your garden and when you would go on visits to your relatives. You were a wise and wonderful cat Eric and you will be greatly missed, but you know what? We will look for you in that secret place that only kitties know and we will see you visits. Your Mom needs some looking after and we will all do our part to send her healing purrs and soft whisker kisses.

Until we meet again...
loving purrs

Like the rainbow
fading in the twinkling of eye
gone too soon

We didn't think today could get any sadder and then we learned that dear sweet Luxor, the whitest of boys left us for the light of the Rainbow. Two long time furfriends in such a short period of time it is a double blow. Our hearts break for Luxor's Mom and Dad who have been nursing Luxor since his illness.

And then sweet innocent tiny Winnie, who had the briefest of stops into our lives stole our hearts and then broke them. We'll miss you dear sweet tiny girl.

It's been such a sad day and we sent healing light and purrs to all of those whose hearts are heavy with sadness.


  1. It was very sad to hear about Fat Eric today.

  2. Such a nice tribute to your friend Eric.

    We did not know him but we can tell he was loved :-)

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Very sweet Abbypuff, Caesar and Princess were inspired by Eric's blog, and now they are at the bridge to greet him.


  5. What a lovely tribute to Fat Eric. Momma's eyes are leaking again.

  6. We are so sorry that Eric had to do. We didn't know him but it is obvious what a great friend he was to so many. We are sending his family lots of purrs and prayers.

  7. Very eloquent, Abby. Well said. We'll miss Eric too. Purrs to his family.

  8. Awwww Abby - that's a sweet letter to Eric. He'll always be in that secret place that only kitties know!!

    Me and Charlie are sending tons of purrs and hugs to his family.

    take care

  9. Today is indeed a sad day for the entire CB.

  10. we are just heartbroken, especially for his mum and dad.

    ****sad whisker kissies**** to mine gorgeous sweet Abby
    purrrrrrssssss from your adoring and very sad cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  11. We've been sad all day too. Your tribute was beautiful.

  12. This is a wonderful tribute to dear sweet Fat Eric!

  13. This is a lovely tribute to your dear friend Eric. I am sad to only be getting to know him now that he has already run off to the Rainbow Bridge. It seems he was like a leader of the Cat Blogosphere. Purrs for his Mum.

  14. That is a lovely tribute to Fat Eric.

  15. I am so very sorry. Soft purrs and whisker rubs to Eric's mommy. My mommy is sad too and will go see Eric's mommy as soon as she helps me here. We didn't have the privilege of knowing him and we wish we had.
    We will all see Eric at the Bridge one day.
    xoxox purrs...

  16. purrs and {{{hugs}}} to all of you on this very sad day

  17. What a touching post, Abby. You speak for all of us, friend.

  18. In honor of the 2 old friends we lost today we are visiting some of our other old friends. Headbutts old friends.

  19. And then Molly too was gone. A terrible day! But a beautiful tribute post, Abby.

  20. What a very sad day it is in the CB. We will miss Eric and Luxor so very much.


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