Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Fifth Year Anniversary

Today is our 5th year Blogging anniversary!
5 wonderful years of tresured memories.(We only wish Haloscan had not vanished . We lost 17,000 comments)
But our pictoral past is here.
Mom started blogging because of me.
You may or may not know that in 2004 during the summer of the hurricane hell, Boo,Ping, & Jinx adopted Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad were first timers.
They had never been owned by cats before.
Mom developed a special bond with my tuxie sisfur Boo.
But Boo was and still is a very aloof girl. Mom wanted a lap cat.
So she went in search of .... well me.
She wanted a small tuxie girl as a companion for Boo and for her.
She worked with Lucky Cat Adoptions and it just so happens that my former family (well the Dad of my former family) wanted to me to live someplace else.
So Lucky Cat made a 'hook up' and the rest as they say is history.
Mom began a journal which she kept off line of every day of my life with her -- which had started in June.
Mom got to wondering about doing something online, and in 2005, blogging wasn't something she was familiar with.
But the more she looked at it, the more she liked the idea.
So she started blogging.
There have been so many wonderful pawrents and kitties we have met through the years and blogging has become such a joy.
We are so glad that you are here with us today to help us begin our 6th year of blogging and here's to many more happy times to come.


  1. Happy 5th Anniversary! Hopefully many more to come.

  2. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! That's quite an achievement! We wish you many, many more to come. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years. We are very glad to have you as our friends and look forward to many more years of reading your posts.

  4. Congratulations for blogging for 5 years!
    And many years and purrs to come.

  5. Wow, five years of blogging is amazing, congratulations! You must have been one of the first bloggers and seen many changes since you began. I think it is wonderful that you have a record of life with Abby from the get go, and that it includes Boo, Ping and Jinx too, it must be fun to look back at some of the early days :-)

    All of my cats are rescues, and I am always amazed that somebody didn't want them! Do you feel the same way about the people who gave Abby up?

  6. That is just awesome! 5 years of blogging. That is a wonderful story about how you came to live with your family, and adopted them. Looking forward to reading many more blog entries from you all.

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary!!!!!! And we are very glad your Mom went in search of you Abby.

  8. Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad you are here for us to love and enjoy!

  9. Happy 5th Anniversary - that's some going - we are glad that we found you on the CB. It's nice to know how your blog began too.
    Here's to your next anniversary.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. WOW!!!! Wow!!!

    Happy 5th blogging anniversary gorgeous Abby, Boo, Ping and Jinx and Mum and Dad!! Me and Charlie are so happy to have met you all and we hope you carry one for many many more years!! We love your blog and your wonderful pics and inspirational quotes.

    Have a lovely special Sunday!!

    Take care

  11. 5 years of blogging your mom deserves a big bowl of her favorite ice cream...oh my and I just made it through our first year.
    Madi and Mom

  12. We are VERY impressed with 5 years of blogging! Like Cat, we also think you must have been one of the first bloggers. And we're very glad that you and your mom found each other.

    Purrs for many more years of blogging!
    XXX from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  13. happy anniversary- LOOOOOOVE the photo!!!!

  14. Happy 5th blogoversary to you! I can't wait to see what the next 5 years brings!

  15. Happy 5th Blogoversary...I really enjoyed reading about how y'all got started!

  16. Five years! That is wonderful. And little Abby inspired it all. Who says Cats don't rule the world?

    Here's to many more lovely and inspirational posts.

  17. Happy 5th Blogoversary, Abby.


    PS -- We have something in common. Jan opened this journal for us because I was so cute and personable and into everything.


  18. Happy Fifth Blogoversary!!! YEAH!! I think that calls for some treats!

  19. Happy Bloggoversarree Abby!!!
    Five yearz iz a eternity... at leastee in cat yearz, dis iz a major accomplishmint.
    & dat picshure of you iz gorgeous. Da momee wants to snatch you up... but I told her no, you wouldz not be happee to leevz your own momee & fambly.
    Dr Tweety

  20. Wow! Five years of blogging!! That's fabulous! Congratulations! We are happy we have met all of you! Here's to many more years of blogging!

  21. Happy 5th year Anniversary! We hope you're blogging for many years to come!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. Happy 5th Blogoversary! That is so impressive that we are in awe...or is that pawe? Anyway, we are so glad you are our furriends!

    xoxo Cory and family

  23. Happy Blogaversary!! We are all so blessed to know you!

    ****whisker kissies**** to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  24. Wow 5 years!! Happy Anniversary friends!! We love your blog!

  25. A big tip of our Good Cats' hats to you on your red-letter day!

  26. Happy 5th year blogging - amazing. Bet there are lots more at blogs now!

  27. Happy Blogoversary!! We came later but we love seeing your posts.

  28. Happy 5th Blogoversary; we are so happy and honored to be your friends...Have a fun week...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. Happy 5th Blogoversary and many, many, many moooooore!!!!!! We are so honored to be your furiends!!
    ((((((((HUGGGGGSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,


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