Saturday, January 08, 2011

Abandoned Cat

There is a bad place waiting for that person who left a cat locked in a container stuffed into a rubber tote in a dumpster behind PetsMart on SouthSide Blvd in Jacksonville Fl to die. TO do that knowing what you were doing and driving away with no conscience -- how could you? Thank goodness inside was a cat rescue group who came to this cats need. The only good thing was that there was a man looking through the dumpster who notified Lucky Cat and this cat will now be taken TONIGHT to a Vet at First Coast No More Homeless Pets and checked out thoroughly. I can't imagine what kind of person could do that to a defenseless animal. I just know that what goes around comes around and you'll get yours one day buddy, yes you will.

I am so angry...and sad.
But, at least this cat found a reprieve.
One day there is a forever home waiting.
I just hope it wasn't too late.

Prayers to Rep Giffords of AZ...and to all of those who have been impacted by the terrible tragic events unfolding in Tuscon today.


  1. As studies show, those who abuse animals often go on to abuse humans...this is sad and we are glad that kitty will get a 2nd chance at finding a happy home...

  2. How incredibly sad about the abandoned kitty. In terms of BOTH things, some people are seriously far, far from normal.


  3. So horrible! There are no words for that despicable monster! I am so glad to hear this kitty has been rescued and will be given a second chance at a wonderful life.

  4. Oh that poor kitty!!! Me and Charlie purr and hope that he or she will be ok!!! Thank you to all the kind souls who looked out for this kitty! Bad human who dumped her/him!! Bad, bad human!! :-(

    Yes, that terrible shooting of Rep. Gifford and bystanders is just about impacting on the daily news here. Our thoughts and prayers to all those affected.

    Take care

  5. We will purr that the terrible sub-humans who abuse animals and those who shoot and kill other humans will leave everyone alone and turn their lives around.

    We are not silly enough to believe that will ever happen, but we will purr for a happier safer world anyway.

  6. It makes us so sad and angry when we hear of the cruel things people do to defenceless animals. We hope the kitty gets a loving Forever home.
    We also were shocked and sad to hear of the shooting in Tuscon today.

  7. Oh my gosh we had not heard about the kitty. I truly believe folks who mistreat harmless helpless elderly, children and animals...will have to answer to their maker!!! Every breathing creature deserves a chance to be loved and cherished.

    We have been so sadddened today by the shooting in AZ.....25 lilves have been changed forever.
    Hugs Maid and Mom

  8. I can only hope that karma will take a hand in this situation and the cretin who treated that cat so badly will get their due. Thank heavens the rescue group found him and now he will be safe!

  9. My mom watched some TV show about the pet been abandon too and of course she feel the same way as you. And lot of them out there.
    Lot of time, my mom just couldn't understand. They don't love them why they have them ? And what the pet done wrong to deserve this ! Some pet who been treated like this, some of them turn to be sick in mind. Took so long for the animal rescued to gain the trust to the human back !

    Sadly, more pet still been treat in the bad way and waiting for someone come to rescue.

    I purr to all of them out there to be safe and away of these kind of Human !

  10. What a horrible thing that happened. I am glad that someone found him

  11. That's terrible! I just can't believe people would do that to animals. But then again, look what they do to humans! ::shaking head::

  12. Am glad the kitty has been rescued!

  13. How can humans be so cruel?? We hope that kitty will find a good home now.

  14. That's great that the kitty was rescued! I hope the scummy human who did it has a miserable life.

  15. Purrrrrrrsssss!!! We are glad the kitty got rescued!! That was just so wrong of those people!! Our prayers go out to the people in Tucson today, too!!
    Your TX furiends,

  16. That is horrible! I'm so glad that the kitty was rescued - I hope s/he goes on to find a good home!

  17. We will never understand how anyone could dump any animal like that. Or shoot anyone for no reason.

  18. these stories tear my heart out. I agree with you with one word....



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