Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is a typical evening. I sit in Mom's lap and Boo sits near Mom.
As you can see I have the best view.
Mom time for a snack. Pop out some of those delicious treats.
Well let me take a little bath first.
And a good yawn.
Now it's time for some noms!
Boo moved onto the bed. She's giving me her laser eye stare down!!
Now kitties you will not believe what Mom did! She took the next two pictures at 1AM right after we had all settled in for the night. The room was completely dark and BOOM there were two shots of intense light. Mom did not have her glasses on so she did not know what the pictures were going to look like but she wanted to show you how we sleep. I sleep on top of Mom (Mom is lying flat on her back) and you can see Boo's little ears by Mom's feet.
Mom has to sleep like this all night long because we don't move.
Well this is our normal night routine, what's yours?


  1. You all have that night time routine down pat!

  2. You guys have a great nighttime routine! <3<3

  3. You guys really know the best sleeping spots in the house. :)

  4. This post has made us feel very... very... ... relaxed... ... ... Zzzz...

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  5. There's nothing like having a cat all snuggled up next to you at night! Link loves to snuggle up with me...especially when I bring out the warm laptop!

  6. Awwww lovely Abby and beautiful Boo!!!! Your mum makes a wonderful kitty bed!! LOL!! Yay for your mum!!! Take care

  7. that is a good sleeping spot mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Abby!

    purrrrssssss n nosekissies- your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  8. Well all I can say is your mom is a SAINT!!! Mom and Dad say after 10pm I turn into a 500 gorilla...you know that one that sleeps anywhere she pleases which is usually right in the crook of the peeps legs and she gets hissy if they move. MOL Mom has sleeping issues anyway so there is no way she could sleep with me on top of the covers...MOL Their first kitty slept at the foot of the bed every night...never roaming or moving. That is not how I roll.
    Hugs Madi

  9. It looks like you both have the best seat in the house!!

  10. Oh heck, I has to sleep in a jail cell (AKA: crate) but my brudder sleeps in da big bed withs mum.

    I can't believe those fotos came out. Dat is crazy!


  11. We both sit on mum if she is watching TV to keep her warm and she is cheeky enough to moan that she can't move and her legs are dead!! When she goes to bed we both jump on with her to make sure she doesn't do a runner in the night!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. You haz trained your slave so well! (well, except for that flashy thing in the middle of the night).

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. You are all quite cuddly. We usually sleep near the bed but not on it. Chey sometimes sleeps on the bed but she prefers her little bed. I used to sleep on the bed, but Ichiro sleeps in my spot now. Maybe you will come tell him that this just rude Ping.

  14. The flashy box in the middle of da NIGHT??? MOM! Don't EVEN go dere!!!

    I sleep on mys shoulder and upper arm, effectively paralyzing her onto her back which she hates because all she can do is doze..until and if *I* choose to move.

  15. How cute you are! We pile on top of each other too but it's a bit hot to keep it up for hours (we live in Malaysia). Target sleeps on my pillow and Au at my feet.

    Au is eating 3 times as much as he was on Monday. This FIV miracle drug he's testing seems to be working. We're over the moon!

  16. You look very comfy on the bed together. I, Eric, like to sleep on mum's pillow around the top of her head with my paw on dad's head. Flynn, I start off by mum's feet then move up to the crook of her knees.

  17. Abby- you two are just too cute!!! We waves to you when we goes by... did you see us?
    Love, TK

  18. You sure do know how to make comfy look comfy! I love your header!!!

  19. Cody has been jumping into bed and making "biscuits" on my arm (I lay on my side) and then he just lays there staring at me....he usually leaves the room after about 15 min

  20. That looks pretty cozy over there!

  21. Ha, that does look familiar! Funny timing with our entries :)

    I can't believe your mom has to sleep like that all night long with you on her! That doesn't seem comfy, but I bet you're snuggly and warm!


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