Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Sunday's Dilemma

Remember a few weeks ago we mentioned Daddy fell down onto the concrete driveway?
He had to go and have a test called arthrogram.
IT was no fun kitties.
Well it turns out he has a torn rotator cuff.
So we are waiting until he goes back to his Vet to see what is going to happen next.

There was an adoption-a-thon going on down from Pet*mart yesterday
so only 2 cats from Lucky Cat Adoptions left for two forever homes.
But two is better than none.
Hopefully next week will be much better!


  1. Oh Ping! I am so sorry you have to keep hearing that. You can come here where it is quieter...

  2. Dear Ping,
    Darcy and Gabriel are so sad to hear what happened to your daddy! We hope he is ok soon.

    We are sending purrs that next week more are adopted to forever homes also.

  3. The moment my human read the words "rotator cuff," she winced! That must mean something not-good! I hope Lucky Cat has more lucky cats next week!

    P.S. Ping, just take her down if she is annoying you.

  4. Purrs for the kitties seeking homes.

    Mom says a torn rotator cuff is not a good thing, so we really hope your Daddy is going to be okay. Falls are a bad thing.

  5. Ping, me and mommy DO remember about your Daddy and I hate that he has to endure all of those yukky things from his Vet. Mommy knows about that rotator cuff surgery and pain on accounta she has friends who have gone thru that BUT at least, once it's done, your Daddy will be as good as new.
    We both send healing purrs and nose taps..well, *I* send the nose taps to him..and we hope your mom will tell us updates. xox

  6. Me and Charlie love hearing Gracie's dulcet tones!!! Yay!!! Awww Mr Ping!!! Maybe if you sing along too?? :-)

    Awww we are sending tons of healing hugs and purrs to your lovely dad!! Oh dear!!! Take care

  7. Ping - we don't know what "rotator cuff" is but we do think it must be furry painful for your Dad. We will say some purrayers for him and hope it can be made better quickly.

  8. We are sorry to hear about your Dad's fall. That was scary not to mention very inconvient to have one of his arms out of commission.
    Tell Gracie to tone it down we can here her in NC
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. Oh no, we hope your Dad recovers soon. We'll keep purring for more kitties to find their Forever Homes soon!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  10. that is awful news! We hope your Daddy will get this resolved soon...that has to be quite painful.

    Ping I hate to tell you but I sing "What's New Pussycat?" in the shower allllll the time!!! I think I need Gracie to sing with me!

  11. Purrs for your daddy!! Also purrs for the other kitties needing those forever home!

  12. Ping, send Cracie over to me...I'll never get tired of hearing her dulcet tones!
    XX Sylvester XX

    Big purrs for your Daddy and his gimpy arm...make sure the vet fixes him up good! Say, does his vet do the whole thermometer thing? Just wondering.

  13. Concats to the two kitties that were adopted!

    Our mom tore her rotator cuff ages ago and she tells us it wasn't much fun. We send our purrs to your dad. take care,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  14. Hope your dad feels better soon.I will be purring that more are adopted into forever homes :)

  15. Aw, poor Ping - his ears must be ringing!

  16. I can tell by your airplane ears that you don't like the singing. Poor baby.
    Sorry to hear that your daddie fell awhile back, I didn't know. Hope all turn out right for him with this.

  17. Poor Ping, is she giving you a headache? We are sending purrs for your daddy.

  18. We are sad to hear about your Daddy's problem. Hope he is better soon. will he need surgery?

    Purrs to him and the kitties to find loving forever homes. It's getting harder to find adopting families here in big cities as more families are moving into apartment living. Pets are generally not allowed in apartments and town houses.

  19. Purrs to your Dad fur sure! Well, two getting forever homes is wonderful, hooray to them! Hey, you might try some ear buds Ping!!!

  20. Hi Ping! We do look a lot alike. I'm sorry to hear about your dad's rotator cuff, but I'm glad he's ok!

  21. Ping, is there a way for you to cover your ears??

    And your poor daddy! A torn rotator cuff is no fun!!

  22. Singing? Well, I'm sure she sounds better than my Human does when she "sings."

    Hope your Dad is better. Humans are so fragile when they fall, nothing like us!

    Yes, TWO is waaaay better than none :-)

  23. Abby, Sam & I have missed you SO much for the last week when Mom was doing all that tax stuff. She's still doing it but said we could visit for a minute. Ohhh, yes, we see Gracie back there singing away, but Ping doesn't look all that pleased. Maybe a little nip and then everything will sound really good! You know how everything goes better with nip :D
    We are hoping that your dad is going to be ok. We know torn cuffs hurt like the devil, so we will purrrrr very hard for him :)

  24. Can't believe That Woman forgot to post a comment here after she laughed so much at this yesterday her eyes got all leaky! Daft ol bat!

    Purrs for your da.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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