Friday, July 01, 2011


Our good friends Sammy and Andy and Shelly made this beautiful card for my 12th purrday, isn't it gorgeous. Thank you dear friends we really appreciate your kindness and friendship!

It's my purrday!
I turned 12.
I will celebrate quietly as I am a senior girl.
But I would love it so if anyone would like to stop by.
Mom will give us some good crunchies and treats and of course purrday cakes.
I am a lucky girl, so lucky to have such a great home and good friends.
Yes, I am blessed.
Thank you my friends for sharing this special day with me.



  1. Happy Birthday Abby! We hopes you get everything you wish for!

    Hello handsome Ping.


  2. You're a fascinating Older Woman, Abby! I find you very alluring & mysterious! You're never too old to par-tay--I'll have a nice slice of purrthday cake :-)

    Happy Birfday, Beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday, Abby! I would luv to stop by and visit with you! We could muse over "the good old days". Purrs pretty lady.

  4. Happy birthday Abby!!!!
    We're about the same age, so let's mature ladycats celebrate!

  5. Happy Birthday Lovely Abby! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws goin' for ya! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Happy birthday, Abby! I hope you have lots of treats and a nice day!

  7. Happy birthday Abby!!!!
    12 ? You don't trick me, do you ?
    It's hard to believe !!! But I do believe you will get lots of kisses, lots of hugs from all of us. Because we all love you : )

  8. We would love to stop by and help you celebrate, even quietly. Okay, maybe just Derry will come by, since it's so hard to Nicki to be quiet. Haha.

    A very happy birthday to you, Abby! We hope your day is filled with your favourite treats!

  9. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you beautiful Abby!!!

  10. Happy birthday Abby! I'll take a small serve of ham if there's some on offer.

  11. We have come to wish you a Happy Birthday Abby and have a piece of your delicious birthday cake. We hope you have a wonderful day and lots of kisses.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Happy Birthday Abby!

    Your friends, Pip & Sweet Pea

  13. Happy Birthday to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Angel - I love you!

    purrssss n nosekissies- your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  14. Happy Birthday Abbey
    Your a cute little sweetie!
    You are gorgeous and so lovely!
    Happy Birthday Abbey!

    Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!

    Take care

  15. Many happy returns Abby - am now off to look at your box pictures.

  16. Happy Birthday Abby! What a great weekend to be celebrating your special day!

  17. happy birthday beautiful precious girl.

  18. Oh Abby! You bees so beautiful, we had no idea you was 12! Older kitties as a special spot in our hearts. We wish you the biggest, bestest, happiest, most wonderful, pleasant zen like day for your sweet 12th birthday. We bees purrin happy purrs for you today - your day!

    Please, Abby, has a big-big happy.
    And Abby, when you sees our little kitty faces we leave behind, purr happy! You bees our inspiration with your cute kitty faces :-) Each one of ours has an extra hug in it just for you where ever you see we left it.

  19. Happy Happy 12th Birthday, sweet Abby!!! We would LOVE to stop by to quietly celebrate your special day with you and to give you many, many (((hugs))) and kissies!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  20. Happy Birthday Abby!!! Sometimes those quiet birthdays are the best - have a GREAT day.

  21. Happy Birthday beautiful Abby we love you!!! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of treats and cuddles. My boys are on their way over to join your celebration :-)

  22. You are just a youngster Abby! Happy Birthday and many more!

  23. Happy birthday, lovely Abby! I hope it is filled with your favorite treats and many scritches.

  24. Happy Birthday, Abby. Cotton turned 12 in June. It's a good age. Thanks for letting us share the day with you.

  25. Happy Birthday Abby. We sure hope you have one special day with lots of extra treats and lots more of those special days. Have a fun week end too. Take care.

  26. Miss Abby, we both want to wish you a most happy 12th birthday! I, Fuzzy, would love to come hang out with you. I'm leaving Zoe at home because she's nuts. I'd love to look out your porch windows and take a little snooze!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  27. Happy 12th Birthday, sweet and gorgeous friend. We are so blessed to know you and to be able to help you celebrate today. xxxxxxxxx

  28. Happy 12th Purrfday Abby! Whoo hoo!!! We'll stop by for some treats!

    Luf, Us

  29. Happy 12th purrthday Abby! You were one of my first friends in the cat blogosphere and it is my honor to come celebrate your birthday quietly. xoxo

  30. Abby, we'll come by just a few at a time to celebrate with you. We have fresh nip and a new bag of tempations, all for you!
    Happy 12th Birthday, Abby!

  31. Happy purrthday, Abby. We'll be over to have some goodies!

  32. Happy Birthday, Abby from all of us at 3 kats and a kwilter!
    Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

  33. Happeh Birfday, darling lady! we would loves to stops by for some purrday cake, be right over.

  34. Happy 12th B-day Abby. Celebrating quietly sounds good to me and I'm on my way. There is a family wedding here this weekend. My sissy and her hubby will stay with us and they sleep in the bed that I most like to nap on in the day....whatever will I do?
    Hugs Madi

  35. Aw Abby, indeed, what good friends you have! Happy birthday - the card is beautiful and I'm pleased to see you image plastered all over :-) The world SHOULD for sure know of such a beautiful girl.
    Birthday hugs

  36. Happy birthday to you, beautiful Abby! I hope you have a super happy day filled with treats and toys.

  37. Oh dear, I'm afraid when I show up with my whole family there is no such thing as celebrating quietly!

    We hope your birthday is fabulous precious Abby!

  38. Have a very happy birthday lovely Abby.

  39. Happy 12th birthday, beautiful Abby!! We hope you are enjoying your special day!

  40. Oh Abby it is simply pawsome that we have the same purrday. ~Artemisia

    Happy Birthday Abby from all of us. ~AFSS

  41. Happy Birthday, dear Abby! We hope your day is as special as you! :)


    Ohhh we love your card! It is magnificent!

    You are born the same day as my beloved Angel Bobo was...I just KNOW you are a special kitty from that fact alone!
    Much love,
    Caren & Cody

  43. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 12th Birthday Abby and many, many, many mooooore!!!
    So sorry we are late to the party!!
    (((((((HUGGGGGSSSSS))))))from your TX furiends,

  44. Happy Purrthday Abby and thank you, and yoor fambly, fur da kind words and all da purrs and purrayers. Do yoo like tuna cake? We haf some to share, yoo know, cuz it's yoor purrthday and not 'cuz we is 'glutunus piggies' as mom sez.

  45. Happy Birthday, Abby! We hope you had a special and fun day :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  46. Happy Purrthday Abby! We hope you've had a great day!

    Cody and Gracie

  47. Happy Belated Birthday Abby !!!!!
    It is so cool that your birthday is on Canada Day!!
    Oh...we do not think you are old, just beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  48. Dear Cod Abby I give Mom a couple of days off and we miss your Birthday!!

    We hope you had a great day without me. 12 is a good year.

    I shall purr for your friends too.

    Love Finny


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