Friday, February 17, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday

Just getting a peek of eyes and ears and a little paws from Miss Gracie.

Now onto an annoying topic:

Oh, yeah,uh huh. I can pretty much make out one word but the other? I'm afraid if your blog is still using Google's Word Verification, especially after this latest generation of Word Verification, you'll probably not see fewer and fewer comments from me. And many others.

I am very sorry. I ab-sooo-lutely hate it.

For those of you who are worried about spammers if you'd just set your Blogger's Settings to 'Moderate Comments after 1 day' you will probably eliminate the spam up to 99.99999% of the time. I did it and I've had perhaps one or two slip by but I just go into Comments and delete them.

I have seen so many comments on blogs that have Word Verification where commentators are saying how horrid this is and guess what?
Those folks who you want to leave comments: can't.
There is frustration.
So after you try a couple of times, you simply give up because the "words" are too hard to decipher.

as much as I adore your blogs if I can't understand the Word Verifications I won't be able to leave you a comment.
Me and a lot of others.


  1. Oh yeah--we so hear you! In fact, the Woman has found that guessing randomly is as good as it gets on the hard word! Ironically sometimes that works better!

    Hello handsome Ping. No word verification from us!

  2. We don't have the word verification either and sometimes don't leave comments because we can't get the word right or it just takes too much time. We have very little spam, if any.

    We always love your pictures. How do you get them so clear?

    Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula

  3. We deleted ours. Thanks fur the info. Hi precious Gracie! xoxo

  4. Peek a boo kitty poo!!

    I hear you about word varification! this new version is awful! I'm glad I disabled mine ages ago. And you know what, I have had one spam comment go through that the spam catcher missed. And it was no big deal to delete it. I've never seen tons of spam on anyones comments, so I dont know why anyone uses it.
    Ok, off my soap box! MOL

  5. We just turned the word verification off. We didn't even know we had it on!

  6. I hate the new word verification too. I grit my teeth and bear with it, but yeah, I wish it would go away!

  7. Miss Gracie, you're just adorable in that photo!


    Yes, I'm with you on this. The new word verification is abysmal and frankly, I don't have the time to keep reloading to try and get something I can read.

    I avoid most spam by NOT allowing anonymous comments. And I also have moderation on after three days, I think. Works for me, at least for now.

  8. The new google one is annoying - it is long & hard to see... I have a verification, but mine is only 4 charachters. I was MAJORLY spammed once so that is why I have it.... I fought it for a while..

  9. Big big wave to gorgeous Gracie!!

    And big big BOOOOOOOOOOOO to Blogger for changing the word verification system!!! :-(

    Take care

  10. M just turned mine off too because she was getting annoyed everytime she left a comment on another blog too.

  11. We have never had word verification and crossed claws we have never had a problem. Just hope we aren't tempting fate!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. I hated da one word verification thingy and nows I hate it EVEN MORE! We don't has it, never had it and has nevers had a problem withs spammers...knock on wood.
    What da heck is Blogger thinkin?


  13. Have a great weekend pretty Gracie! And about your comment on that word verification monster...4 paws up, you are soooooooooo right!

  14. Hear hear! I took mine off, too... once I knew it was there. But more importantly, have a great Friday!

  15. Amen! I turned off word verification a long time ago and even though I get spam, it somehow always gets diverted into the spam folder, so nothing has shown on the blog.

    Comment moderation after 1 or 2 days is a good idea, if you are still worried.

    Happy Weekend :))

  16. Sweet Gracie.Adorable pic.Meow hugs for her.

  17. Gracie you are such a beauty so hard to imagine you were ever feral.
    Mom and I detest the new word verification too. She says it makes her eyes hurt.
    Hugs Madi

  18. I was out of town for 4 days and didn't know about the comment situation until I returned.

    Thankfully before i left I turned comment moderation off because I wasn't able to moderate comments while out of town.

    I am glad I turned it off! I am also having HUGE trouble leaving comments and can only read one of the two words myself. I probably will do what you are doing and if I can't read the words I will just hit the road.

  19. First of all, beautiful picture!
    And we hate that new verif too! We're posting on it tomorrow.

  20. Hi beautiful Gracie!

    We hate that word verification too! We found if you got one word right, and close on the second, it usually posted our comment. But we want everybuddy to turn it off anyways!!

  21. We hate it too! We have comment moderation for everything over 7 days old, but we have not had any problems with spam being published. Blogger catches 100% of ours for us. We have never used WV.

  22. what a cute pic-sher of Gracie!

    We have a hard time with teh new word verification on blogger now and hold our breath that we got the words right! we took it off of our bloggie and we've gotten a few spam comments, but at least the spam filter has caught them. We put comment moderation on posts over 14 days old. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  23. Sweet Gracie, cute picture of you!

    We has da comment filters on and just go to our dashboard and get rid spam there, it works quite well.

  24. Agreed--the new word verification is so annoying!! I just turned it off on mine today. If I have to sort through spam comments, oh well.

  25. Good post! We almost posted on this the first day - Thursday? - but waited till Saturday. So many bloggers are turning WV off. Some don't even know they had it on since the blog owner can't see it. And then when they're made aware, they can't find it.


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