Wednesday, May 09, 2012


I am sure you're probably aware that legendary Finny da Floof left us
on her final journey to the Bridge yesterday.
It was with great sadness that we read the news.
We've known Finny since we started blogging, I guess that makes us another
one of the ancients.
Every time one of our long time friends makes their trip to the
Bridge it tears another piece of our hearts.
We know our life spans are much shorter than our 'rents and
we know that they take us in knowing that we will one day have
to go to the Bridge far too soon.
But we also know that the love we share far exceeds the price
of saying goodbye in this world.
We whisper to them...
Mom we're waiting.
Don't be afraid.
Mom I'm right here.
I'll always be here.
Right where I've always been.
In your heart.

We love you Finny, and we will miss you.
Farewell for now.
Until we meet again.


  1. A really beautiful tribute, Debra. I've been crying off and on all day. Fin certainly will be missed, deeply.

  2. Beautiful. You have a wonderful way of saying what so many of us feel, but do not express so eloquently. Fin will be greatly missed.

  3. That is a wonderful tribute. You have put our feelings into words! Like you Fin was one of our first blogging friends. We miss her :(

  4. I will miss this recious girl. I was very shocked to see she had passed when I went to her blog this morning after Simba told us.

    It is so very very hard when our babies leave us. The hole in our hearts seem as if they will never heal. But eventually they do and we remember our babies with all the love we had and have and remember theirs toward all of us.

  5. That was a nice tribute. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to a dear friend. We will miss Finny.

  7. That was such a wonderful tribute and the tears are back. We will always love and remember that special Finny.

  8. This was an incredibly beautiful post. I did not know Finny but my heart aches along with so many friends.
    We will be thinking of her parents during this time.

    Rest in peace dear Finny.

    Allison...Puddles mum

  9. what a heartfelt post. we never knew finny, but we feel sad.

    emma and buster

  10. What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful furiend, Fin! You got our mom crying again.

  11. What a sweet and heartfelt, full of love and admiration tribute to one lovely ladycat. As you said, it is most difficult for those of us left behind when a soulmate goes before us...we had to smile a little when we read that Meg felt Fin's presence around her water glass...memories and her wonderful blog and her book will help us all keep her close in our hearts...

  12. What a beautiful tribute to Fin. She will be missed.

    Truffle and Brulee

  13. What a lovely tribute. I will miss Fin very much.

  14. Our hearts are still breakin fur Meg. We are sendin her lots of comforting purrs and pawsitive thoughts.

  15. Lovely tribute - Fin will be missed. So many of our icons are passing on. Sending love and light to those left behind in this world.

  16. Oh, you bring tears to our eyes! We are always sad when someone loses a beloved kitty.

  17. Oh my this was a lovely tribute to my girl. It made me cry but in a good way. You are great friends and I will still be right here with you and I sense my girl will too.

    I've managed to cry a little less today.

  18. Is that Fin's kitten picture? How adorable she was :-) It is such sad new, Fin will be sorely missed!

  19. She was a lovely girl!
    Scooby has so many friends with him at the bridge and He & Fin and all the others are romping like youngsters in the lush green grass.


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