Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tummy and Toes Tuesday

Miss Boo shows off her beautiful tummy and toes
We have to update everyone on Tropical Storm Beryl.
The storm was a true abnormality.
It was a very strong TS.
Wind speeds were recorded at 70mph.
A Cat1 hurricane lowest speed is 74 mph.
If the ocean had been a little warmer there is no question how this storm
would have intensified.
The "eye" came in right over downtown Jacksonville.
It was basically a rain and wind event.
Scary because of all the training (which is where segments of the severest portions of rain bands multiple on top of each other and cause flooding).
There were a few possible tornadoes within the rain bands causing tree damage.
We feel very lucky but it was scary nevertheless.
Hurricane season begins June 1st which makes this landfall all the more abnormal.

In other funny news Momma messed up our Memorial Day posting yesterday.
She thought Memorial day was May 31st so she had a post ready for that day.
She couldn't figure out why it hadn't posted when she knew she did one.
Mom's are funny, aren't they?


  1. Yep, sometimes they are funny. We are glad you are all safe so we can see that tummy and toesies. Hello to handsome Ping. Gemini is distressed that she is unable to have a photo up for him this week.

  2. Moms is generally old as the hills, so we has to has compassion for dem.

    Glad you did okay inna storm. We wuz worreed for you! XOXOXO

  3. We are so glad you is ok! We too were worried. You look pretty relaxed fur just haffin gone through a hurricane! Great pic, though!

  4. I'm just glad you are safe! And I am not thrilled to hear that hurricane season does not even begin for another few days! I am going to be purring lots that any hurricanes steer clear of your home!

  5. Miss Boo - you are beautiful!

    Glad you are all ok from Beryl!

    Take care

  6. Your tummy is a brilliant white!

  7. We hope you don't get many hurricanes this year.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Looking good Miss Boo! I am sure glad you are okay and the storm didn't hurt you!

  9. Miss Boo you are one gorgeous Tuxie.

    Way too early for hurricanes to be making land...I fear this might be a long hurri-cane seasons.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. What a relief that all of you are safe from Beryl.
    We think Beryl probably had something to do with your Momma messing up your Memorial Day post. :)

  11. mama wants permission to kiss your tummy fabulousity.

    emma and buster

  12. That is a lovely tummy and toesies Miss Boo.
    We are glad you all are safe from the hurricane.

  13. that photo is just marvelous! Love the toes in the forefront.

    Your Mom didn't mess up badly because back in the day Memorial Day used to be MAY 30....so your Mom was close!!

    Thank goodness you are all safe and sound!

  14. That tummy is snorglicious, Abby! We're glad you all are okay from that nasty Beryl!

  15. Aw, your mom had things on her mind, like storms. Glad it blew over. Abby, you better watch out. One of our boys has a mancat crush on you!

  16. Miss Boo! You are a girl after my own heart. But then, we areTuxie girls!

  17. i am very glad you are safe from the storm kitties...

    hugs, auntie bee

  18. We're glad all is ok by you. The season and fun is just starting. Our mom is happy if there are no power outages. Our mom messes up dates too!


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