Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thursday In the Garden


We come to you from inside our garden this week and
we've decided to show you our pink blossoms!
First stop is at a double impatient.
(Mom loves the bokahs!)

Now onto our roses.

A super macro shot of a geranium.

Another macro shot of those roses.

The teeny tiny buds of the geranium.

Me taking it all in and wondering why Mom is
so happy with these silly flowers.

We hope you enjoyed our pink flowers this week, and
we hope you will also go and visit with the true garden
guru, Jonesie.
Until next week.
Happy gardening!


  1. Ping, you have the most beautiful pink flowers in your garden. I especially loved your roses.

  2. My peep is all oohing and ahhing over your pretty pink flowers. Okay, I admit it... I am too. purrs

  3. Your human takes some awesome macros... but I still prefer gazing at Ping!!!

  4. Stunning pink! Very beautiful very beautiful.

  5. We always so enjoy your garden posts, especially the macros. :-)

  6. My goodness gorgeous! Howdy Ping!

  7. Your pink flowers are so pretty Ping - do you have green toes?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. WOW - What a gorgeous rose bush. And, what great photography work by your mom. She's so good she could be a professional.

  9. I don't care to much about flowers, but mom says you have amazing flowers, and she love these pictures:-)
    Hugs from Pernille

  10. I love double impatients! Don't they look like little ground dwelling roses? MOL

  11. the flowers are gorgeous! We can smell them from here!

  12. The prettiest was left to last!! Well, ok, handsomest! lol

  13. Those are some pretty spectacular pictures! 'Specially the last one! :)

  14. Ping, those pink flowers look (almost as) great (as you)!

  15. Awesome photos as always! Those roses smell heavenly I'm sure. And the little pink nose at the end struck just the right note!

  16. Oh, now my Human finks those pink flowers is the grooviest. (Grooviest? What is this Human, 1971???)

    Plus, of course: Ping!


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