Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday morning coming down

I hear the sound of the coffee brewing, and smell the aroma of the coffee beans in the kitchen. The sun streams into the dining room like its the start of a beautiful day. So beautiful. But there's an emptiness and gloom that hangs over like a widening thunderstorm. My heart breaks with its every beat and I wait for a phone call I don't really know I want.

The ER vet called at 7:30. He said there was mixed news. Abby is more alert and resting comfortably. But he BUN increased. I believe she got fluids, but at this point I am not sure.

Her Specialist will be seeing her very soon and will call me with her assessment.
My wait, my worry continues.


  1. We understand how you feel. We'll keep the purrs and prayers going.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Waiting is so hard. We're purring and crossing our paws for Abby.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Abby.

  4. It is so hard when they have multiple health issues - one thing can offset the other. Sending lots of purrs.

  5. Our thoughts, purrs, and prayers are with both Abby and you.

  6. They have her on what is probably a high dose for starting out with the methimazole. So the effects on the kidneys could be rapid. Maybe that is why the BUN is up. They may need to back off in the methimazole somewhat and bring the T4 down more slowly for the sake of her kidneys.

    Purring hard.

  7. I am waiting anxiously with you mine sweet Abby, and holding your paw. {{HUGS}} and kissies to your mom. we love you.

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring werried meezerman Sammy

  8. Purrs and hugs to you. So hard to have an ill fur baby.

  9. j'aimerais que les nouvelles soient encourageantes.
    pensées pour vous.

  10. Lots of purrs and prayer for you Abby and your mom, too!!
    Hugs from your TX furiends,

  11. We purring lots for you, Abby and headbutts to your mom!

  12. There's not much point in wishing you peace in your mind and heart right now, because that won't come at this time.

    But whatever happens, and whenever it's Abby's time to cross--sooner or later--I want you to at least know, deep down, that you are doing and have done absolutely everything humanly possible for her.

    And when the day comes, whenever that might, that Abby does cross, I wish for you an "angel" to help you. I had one the night Chumley died, a then-neighbour with a deep love of animals and a multitude of her own pets, who happened to see my frantic knocking on another neighbour's door. By "chance" she had been looking out her bedroom window (she lived down the street) and saw me, called and rushed over and ran red lights getting us to the vet. Held me while I collapsed at the vet clinic.

    When it was Annie's time, my "angel" was my co-worker, who took us and who stayed with me through the entire thing.

    I don't know how much time you have left with Abby--my hope is that she stabilizes and that you find the balance of meds that gives her quality of life.

    But whenever Goddess Bastet calls her home, I pray you, too, have an "angel" with you, in one way or another.

  13. I just prayed for you, Abby and three others who need that prayer. xxooxx

  14. *offers a morning pastry and pours you a second cup of coffee*

    we all wait with you, hoping for good news..

  15. We are continuing our purrs and crossing our paws xxxx

  16. WE sure are sending Abby tons of prayers and purrs and send Mom lots of huge hugs. We know just how hard this is. You certainly are both in our thoughts and prayers.


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