Sunday, January 26, 2014

EZ Sunday


We just learned Sunny from Mewsings of the Garden Cottage Cats left for the RB yesterday. Please stop by and leave a purr for his heartbroken family.

Annabelle has her EZ on in this photo. Her EZ is all about play play play and I think she has several toys congregated around her!
Update on Dad
Our Dad is having a difficult time recovering from his shoulder surgery which was done last Thursday. Friday Mom had to take him back to the Hospital because of a malfunction of the catheter he has that is delivering continuous pain medication was not working properly. Even after that was corrected he is still experiencing pain but it is better, not a 10 over 10 like it was. We are purring over him and appreciate all the kindness and concerns you have shown. This has been a rough one.
Hoping for a better tomorrow.


  1. I bet your purrs are doing wonders. We hope he starts feeling better soon.

  2. We hope your dad is doing better from his shoulder soon.

  3. Annabelle has that crazy play look in her eye!

    I'm glad your Dad got that catheter thing worked out - I hope he heals fast! Purrs to him - and to you.

  4. How miserable for dad and mom. So sorry he's having so much pain. We hope each day he gets better and better. It is a very painful surgery.

  5. We are sad your dad is having such a rough time right now with that pesky shoulder. Purring he gets relief soon.

    Annabelle, you are just too gorgeous for words!

  6. We're purring that your Dad's pain eases soon. Surgery is so difficult to recover from under the best of circumstances!

  7. Annabelle is just adorable with all her toys. She's clearly having a blast.

    I'm so sorry about the pain and troubles Dad is having. To have to go back to have the catheter redone I'm sure was not pleasant, but I hope he'll continue to feel better now.

  8. Play,play,play Annabelle, then have a big snooze :)
    We purr for your Dad to feel better soon. We hope the pain subsides even sooner.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  9. I add my purrs to yours and hope the pain soon diminishes for your dad.
    Annabelle, you have crazy eyes playing with your toys.

  10. Oh no! I am sorry... Lucy and I are sending healing purrs his way

  11. You are so cute sweet Annabelle! We were very sad to see the news about Sunny. Big purrs to your Dad from all of us. We sure hope the pain goes away soon.

  12. Hi there Annabelle.You sure are a petty kitty. Sorry about your friend going to the Bridge. Sending lots of purrs to the family.
    And lots of purrs to the Dad too. Hope he feels better really soon.

  13. I am so so sorry...I wish that the entire family curries and all could just please get a break. xoxoxoxox always.

  14. I just heard that Gracie is at the Emergency Vet????? OMG I am hoping she is ok!

  15. Annabelle, you're still young. You'll learn when you're older getting your easy on means taking a nice long nap!

    Purrs for your dad. And we hear Gracie is at the ER vet! We are purring like crazy that she will be okay.


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