Saturday, February 11, 2017

Caturday Art

Gracie is joining
for this week's
blog hop.

Today, three years ago Gracie 
left this world on her way to her
Journeys next adventure.
It is a day I can recall with such clarity,
as I guess those type of days are.
I had to make an appointment to let her
go, and I spent a lot of time with her
until our afternoon appointment.
It was a beautiful mild February day,
in which Gracie got to enjoy being out
on her beloved platform on her catio one last time.
Her lungs kept filling up with fluid.
They had been drained many times.
We never knew the source of why this was happening.
Even after a great deal of testing, but
she was uncomfortable,as she couldn't breath.
Since there was no end in sight, and 
Gracie wasn't one who did well away from 
home, I had to make a decision for her.
I don't regret helping Gracie to the Rainbow Bridge,
but I felt she deserved more time.
She was only 9.
Gracie was an abandoned gray tabby cat.
She was left at the ACC doorsteps.
She was doomed to die by whomever left her there.
But, fate spared her and me.
I scooped her up and took her home that July day 
way back in 2005.
She was my sweet Gracie Grace.
I miss our time together each morning where she would
sit with me while I was on the computer.
I miss seeing her adoration of her big brother Ping.
I miss those sweet chirps.
I miss seeing those quick turns.
I miss how crazy you went over Nip.
I miss how easy you were.
I miss you Gracie.
I will see you again.
One day Gracie.
One day.


  1. One never forgets. The memories of love are forever.

  2. What a lovely portrait of Gracie, and sweet tribute. Purrs to you today as you remember your special girl.

  3. A lovely tribute to your sweet Gracie cat-

  4. A beautiful tribute to beautiful Gracie. She hasn't entirely left you since she remains in your heart and your memories.

  5. Beautiful tribute to your little girl. She's gorgeous. We're sure she's watching over you.

    Sending you hugs and purrs xx

    Athena and Marie

  6. Beautiful tribute to your little girl. She's gorgeous. We're sure she's watching over you.

    Sending you hugs and purrs xx

    Athena and Marie

  7. Such a heartfelt post about your sweet darling Gracie. Soft Pawkisses because It must have been not easy to write all the memories❤❤❤

  8. What a loving tribute to Gracie. These anniversary dates are always so hard, aren't they? Sending you strength.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  9. Yes, sweet Gracie wasn't here long enough but her time was filled with love.

  10. Purrs to you as you remember beautiful Gracie today.

  11. Sweet memories of your beautiful girl !

  12. Beautiful tribute makes the art even more beautiful. I remember Gracie well. Sad that more people have stopped by to see this.

  13. What a lovely tribute to your sweet and beloved Gracie. Sweet Gracie, we, too, love and miss you. <3

  14. Such a loving tribute to your sweet Gracie.

  15. Beautiful tribute for Gracie...purrs to you.

  16. Your words about Gracie moved us greatly. Your loss must seem as clear today as it was then.

    We are so sorry you lost Gracie when she was not an old lady cat but vibrant and loving.

    RIP Gracie

  17. Awww....sending big hugs and lots of purrs.


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