Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Time for A Carnival

Last night I scratched and scratched and scratched to get in to the dark room, but no one opened the door for could they leave me OUT and let Boo in? Hey efurryone time to check out all the Carnivals that are coming up this weekend!
Be sure to visit these:

  1. WCB being held over at Cheysuli's Place.
  2. BKCFoC being hosted by The House of the Mostly Black Cats.
  3. CoTC being hosted by Life From A Cat's Perspective and
  4. Friday's Ark over at the Modulator.

And we hope that Kimo and Sabi have a great time this weekend at the baby shower being hosted at the Sugar and Spice party this saturday! We're sorry we won't be able to attend but we will be thinking about all of you!

Efurryone have a great weekend!

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