Monday, March 22, 2010

Mancat Monday: Ping Is Concentrating

I should explain this picture.
When I am measuring things in the laundry room, Ping is always after the measuring tape. When it dangles from my neck, he is fascinated by the movement of it as it sways back and forth. Then when I lay it down on the table to measure with, it falls upon the floor and then I have an attack cat. So I decided to take the tape and use it as a tail and walk quickly up and down the hallway with Ping in hot pursuit. Most of the pictures I got where fuzzy, but this show how attentive Ping is when he wants something. He loves to play and is interested in everything. Gracie was also a part of this, but she is very skittish, so she would let Ping play and watch and only come forward after he was done. You can't see her, but she is off in the distance behind him watching just as intently.

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  1. Oh Ping!! Such a purrfect sample of complete cat concentration!


    Take care

  2. We can see the concentration in your cute fact, Ping!

  3. Ping there is some deep thinking going on in that picture.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Oh, yes, excellent focus!

  5. That is purrfect form Ping!

  6. Ping has such a great face! We love the photo and the explaination.

  7. Oh Ping! You are very smart. Did you catch that?! I am like Gracie. I let Cheysuli play first. She is such a pig of a toy hog. I bet you would let me play sometimes.

  8. That is definitely what I would call concentration.

  9. What a totally handsome mancat you are, Ping!!!!!!!!! Wonderful pic of you. xxxxxxx

  10. ****whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Abby
    purrsss n nosekissies- your adoring floofy cocoapuffs meezerman Sammy

  11. That is truly great concentration Ping. Hope you got to kill the tape measure later.


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