Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our Little Angel Button

Because of you

we found our
You lead us to her
and we are most
You are missed everyday Button.
For those who may not know Button's story it began back in 2005.
To make a long story as short as possible it all began when Boo went missing.
It turned out Boo was hidden in a closet, silly girl.
But, I was afraid she had gotten out of the house, and at night. So in my PJ's I went looking for her.
Near us is a small office complex and I began searching for her there.
Of course she wasn't there (she was safely in the closet)but I found another kitty who followed me home.
She was undernourished and matted and feisty.
She did not want to be inside AT ALL.
She had her own way of doing things.
Of course she was a tortie.
She had a bad hip which we came to discover had been broken and healed on it's own.
The Vet suspected someone threw her out of a moving car.
She became our workshop kitty which was what she chose.
She loved my husband's workshop, and at night she would always come and spend the night there.
We nursed her for several months, and then one Saturday morning I let her out of the shop and watched her as she made her usual morning rounds.
It was the last time I ever saw her.
I suspect now she is in the wooded area next to our home, where I believe she loved being the most.
We miss you Button
See you

So thank you Gracie for letting us adopt our VQSquillion in honor of our

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  1. That is such a nice tribute to a soul who is missed so much. We will always remember your story Button.

  2. How sad, but beautiful. And we love the angel squillion in Button's memory. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. What a touching story! And what a nice way to remember sweet Button!

  4. There are so many sad stories. And I feel like I have to face too many of them everyday. But this is a beautiful tribute to a kitty, and so it gives me some joy in a teary-eyed kind of way.


  5. What a beautiful and sad story about your sweet Button.

  6. That's so sad. The angel vsquillion is a lovely way to remember her.

  7. That is a sad story, but a lovely way to remember Button.

  8. Button sounds like such a sweetie. We're glad she had some love in her life with you.

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your dear Button. She knows you did wonderful things for her and is glad you showed her what love truly meant!

  10. We're sorry that Button didn't come back and hope that she's watching over you, waiting for the day she'll see you again.

    Charlemagne and Tamar