Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuxie Tuesday With Abby

Meals are served twice a day around here. Momma has to make sure Mr.Jinx and Ping go outside on the porch while Boo, Gracie & I eat. Momma fixes up two plates because she knows if she doesn't I will bother Boo and she will not get to enjoy her meal. So she puts down one plate for me and one plate for Boo. Then she opens up the cans! She will put some down on my plate and I will lick at the juices and she then can put some down for Boo. After that she must give me some on a spoon and Gracie gets the plate. I am (I hate to admit this) a messy eater. You may be able to see some of the food dropping to the paper towel below, well I've been known to sling it all over the counter, but I am very neat after I finish eating. I try to clean it up by scratching (like in the litter box when you cover up your stinkies) the food and covering it with the paper towel. But the Momma always cleans it up before I scratch too much. We do this twice a day everyday. So how are meals served at your house?

I have to share a funny story with you....On Easter Sunday, Momma decided to make a real live dead turkey. She put it in a bag and and stuck it into the oven, turned the oven on and decided to sit down and read with me in her lap. All of a sudden a few hours later, we heard a BIG *KABOOM*. Momma quickly got up, put me down, and ran down the hallway. There was smoke funneling out of the oven. The bag that the turkey was in popped inside the oven creating a mess of turkey juices all over Momma's new oven.

Smoke came out so much that it set the smoke alarm off.
All the windows had to be opened and fans posted to clear the smoke out.

All of us kitties were traumatized by the blaring smoke alarms.
Finally the smoke literally cleared.
The alarm stopped.
Peace was resorted.
The turkey was fine, but the asparagus was over done.........
Momma was upset, but she calmed down after I sat on her.
Whadda Easter!
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  1. OMC!!! What an easter adventure, and your poor mummy! her oven! She must be beside herself!

  2. Oh Abby - your poor mum!! What an experience - at least it will be an Easter to remember! and at least the turkey came out ok.

    Shame about the asparagus! :-)

    Good grief!

    Glad to know you are all ok and peace restored. I bet it was the bestest turkey ever though - well done mum!

    Abby you are a very good sweet kitty to try and help your mum clean up after meal times! And very clever to be eating from a very nice plastic spoon!

    Me and Charlie would like to say hello too to Mr Jinx and Ping and Gracie and Boo!

    Take care

  3. What am eventful Easter you had - your mum must have been delighted with her new dirty oven!!
    We are both scruffy eaters - Hannah never starts her meals unless she sees me eating first - I must be the official food taster and if I don't collapse it must be safe for her to eat.
    I clean round the dish where any food has got knocked off but Hannah leaves hers for mum to clean up.

  4. My goodness! All that smoke and the alrams must have been very scary.

    It happens in our house too, usually when mum is making toast.

  5. Oh my, that is quite the story! Glad the turkey was ok!!

    We also eat twice a day here! Maizy and Ferris have to eat in the pink room and Maya and Chevelle eat in the kitchen and Maggie and Saylor eat upstairs in the master bedroom. It's kind of an ordeal!

  6. Exploding turkeys are a really bad thing especially in a new oven. Oh my stars...I would have pulled my hair out.Abby you appear to be a dainty eater with the spoon. What an interesting eating routine you all have. When Madi eats her kibble, she doesn't like for the crumbs to fall in her bowl. She eats over the place mat so the crumbs fall all around the bowl and on the floor.
    Madi and Mom

  7. What an Easter is right! An exploding turkey? Oh, our human would have been VERY upset too!

    We think you are highly favoured to get to eat off a spoon, even if it isn't silver! :-)

  8. oh your poor mommy!

    We gets our meals on the dining room table - 4 fiestaware fruit bowls on a tray and the mom divides up the stinky goodness. our crunchies are in a bowl on the table for grazing.

    ****whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet angel baby Abby
    purrsss and nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  9. You are most adorable dear Abby. MOL, we loved the turkey tale. Have a beautiful day, dear friends....xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Oh no! What a horrible thing to have happen. Did you loose your appetite?

    Hello handsome Ping. Do you get special food outside on the porch?

  11. Our Mom free feeds us all, but when we get can food, she always gives us 3 separate plate because Sukki eats very fast and sometimes steals food; Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat eat off of the same plate in the garage, they share very well although Daddy is a sweet boy and always lets Mommy have the most!...That's a shame your Mommy had so much extra work to do and Easter dinner still didn't turn out the way she wanted; we hope you all got some delicious turkey though...We hope you guys have a better week...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Oh my Ceiling Cat! A bit too much adventure that day!

    There are only two of us here, and we are free-fed, so meals aren't really very adventursome.

  13. Oh no, an exploding turkey! We are glad it turned out all right though.
    We have a dish each but always share the same one and clear one dish at a time.

  14. e'splodin' turkey iz no gud! Next time have ham. Pleez.

  15. Sorry to hear about your Easter fiasco! WOW! Mom wants to thank you for you sweet post about Fred & Ethel. She is utterly devastated. We are lighting a candle tonight as well...

  16. Oh no, we wouldn't like any popping turkey either!!!


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