Monday, May 03, 2010

Before and After By Ping

Can you see me? I'm right there in the window checking out what damages the Mom and Dad are doing...boy they sure know how to make a mess, don't they?

Oh all days they are outside in the 96 degree heat pushing dirt around...what is wrong with them?

As you can see they've almost completed what they started. They are having a dickens of a time with the fountain. Well not so much the fountain as getting a pump that works correctly... they've been working in other parts of the yard too.
Crazy I tell you just crazy!

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  1. Wow, your mom and dad are great at landscaping! We're very impressed! We'd like to come over and lie on top of the flowers, help them take root. :-)

    But doing this in 96F heat is a bit dangerous--dehydration would be a huge risk, we think!

  2. See, us kitties aren't the only ones that like to dig and roll in the dirt!

  3. Oh yea, forgot to tell you that it looks wonderful!

  4. better than TSB could EVER do! MOL!

  5. They're just making the yard pretty for you, Ping!

  6. Ping! A birdie fountain! Just wait, the little feathered flying feasts will be there soon. Good job on the supervision, the yard looks great!
    xx lounge kats

  7. Ping! That is a lot of snoopervising you were doing! I think you should come here and nap with me... oh wait. Momma just disturbed me by changing sheets.

  8. That's mighty nice landscaping! You supervised from inside where it's cool and let the humans go out in the heat.

  9. The fountain is beautiful, your parents did a great job!...Ping, we see you!!...kisses...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. OH Ping!!

    Aren't your mum and super clever and strong to create such a mess and then turn it into something so lovely!!

    You did very well to stay indoors and out of the way! Now I hope you'll get to enjoy their efforts! :-)

    Me and Charlie hope they find a pump for that wonderful fountain.

    Take care

  11. ohhh maybe my mom could borrow your mom and dad? Great job!


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