Monday, June 21, 2010

ManCat Monday With Ping

Oh my what a face!
Happy Mancat Monday my friends!

Momma's MRI came back with nothing on it.
I guess that means she doesn't have anything in her head.
I could've told them bean Vets that!
So that is good.
She was diagnosed with otoscolersis.
They said they could do surjury.
But, Momma said "NO"!
Which means she still can't hear.
I could've told them that too!
See they should listen to cats.
We know.
So, she guesses she'll hafta to get one hearing aids sooner or later,
but she needs eye glasses first cause she can't see either.
I knew that too.
Momma leave it to me, OK.
I'll get you all fixed up!
Fank you for all of your purrs!!


  1. Hooray!! We were very worried for your mummy. Please keep giving her cuddles.

  2. Ping, you look very handsome. Purrs for your mom.

  3. Awwwww Ping - what a beautiful face you have!!

    Me and Charlie are so glad that your mum has receieved good news about her MRI scan!! You kitties are so clever and so wise - we hope your mum gets her hearing aid and glasses soon - all the better to see and hear you sweeties! :-)

    Big big special hugs to your lovely mum!

    take care

  4. We are glad there's nothing in your Mom's head! We also think that Moms should listen to our medical advice...of course a cat knows!

  5. Oh wow, we are so glad there was nothing on the MRI!!! That is wonderful news!

  6. Ping, you are so handsome!

    And we're very glad to hear about your mom's MRI results. We are purring for her to get a hearing aid and glasses soon - we know both those things are expensive.

    P.S. Our mom said her brother-in-law just got a hearing aid and it is so small that she didn't even notice it until he pointed it out. And it works! It has made a huge difference in his life - he said he heard birds singing in the morning for the first time in years!

  7. We're glad the hoomin tests show your mom is ok. And that is an awesome picture of you, PIng.

  8. Ping, of course you'll take care of your mom! Such a handsome boy! We are glad the test results were good and there is nothing in your mom's head. Kind of like my mom.

  9. MOM AND LOL mom and I are cracking up at your Mom's expense. Sounds like she should have had a CAT scan at home for free rather than an MRI for big $$$. Oh me oh my she is in a pickle can't see or hear and has no clue the kitties are telling the world her secrets. Come to think of it I could be my Mom's head is empty too. Thanks for the LOL. Ping once again you have my heart skipping a beat with your manliness.

  10. Looking good Ping! Well, at least the news was good for your Mom, but she can't see or hear...pawty time!

  11. our the mom can hear better with her glasses on. MOL.

    **whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet angel princess Abby

    purrssss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

    Pee Ess - we is glad that there was nothing on her MRI!

  12. Ping is one handsome mancat! We're glad your Mom's MRI was clear. xoxo

  13. What a totally handsome pic of you, Ping!!!!

    We are happy to hear the MRI results were good.........our mama can't see very well either and needs some new windshields for her old eyes.......she can hear only too well though.....maybe we could send some of her hearing to your mom?????


  14. Ping! You are so handsome!!!!

    I guess it is better to have a human with nothing in their head than something that shouldn't be there... Purrs...

  15. my goodness. glad your mommeh does not have anyfing bad in her head but it does sound like she is going to pieces! you better gets her fixed up fast, Ping.

  16. Hi Ping! Handsome picture of you!
    Sorry to hear about your moms absent brain. Maybe she can pick one up at Target, they have some pretty good deals........

  17. What great news!...I understand your issues well=my dad is deaf and blind in one eye (a few years ago, he had a brain tumor behind one ear and the tumor/radiation affected his hearing and in the 80's, he had a detached retina and lost his sight in that eye); anyway, his balance is affected but he is hoping to be a candidate for an implant to restore a small degree of hearing...I am very happy for you with the MRI results; there are options out there so be sure to research and find the best solution for you even if you have to travel for a specialist to deal with your specific problem, best of luck!...Ping, you are a gorgeous mancat and we adore your photos, sweetie...kisses sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Sending more healing purrs. Glad the MRI was clear.

  19. Cuddle her good, she needs it!

  20. We are very glad that the MRI said there was nothing in your mum's head apart from the things that should be there.

  21. Glad it was nothing too serious! Purrs

  22. Ping...we agree....whatta face!!!

    And we're glad the MRI came back with good results!!!

  23. That's an awesome picture, Ping - very mancat-ly!

    We're sending purrs to your Momma - kitties, please be extra nice to her & cuddle lots!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    (since you knew all that the human v-e-t did, you should charge green papers for your services!!)


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