Monday, June 28, 2010

Mondays With Ping

Momma forgot to post my picture this morning! What is up with her? She can't forget about Monday morning with me!!!
Here I AM on by back porch this morning getting all the summer sunbeams, until the storms roll in. There is a disturbance out in the Gulf of Mexico (soon to be the first early Hurricane of the season) causing lots and lots of moisture which will be heading north, which is our way. So we should have lots of rain this week. Course that makes Momma worry about the roof. The roofers are scheduled but it won't be until after the holiday next month. The roof was patched so we think we are OK. Momma you know how much we kitties hate to get wet!

purrs efurryone!
Glitter Words

On my computer I can see the Ping's picture,please let me know if you can't.
~da Mom
I think I finally have Ping's pretty picture loaded....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr to blogger!


  1. Fingers crossed the rain will hold off.

    I remember growing up in our old farmhouse--roof leaked and every time it rained I'd have empty pails and ice-cream containers around my bedroom, to catch the drips. Would have to move the bed out of the way too. LOL. I'm glad those days are long long!

    P.S. We didn't see a photo of Ping!

  2. Ping! I can't believe I am missing my photo of you!!! How will I survive the week?!!!

    Stay dry--if it gets too wet you can teleport here--we know our roof works with all the rain we have had.

  3. Hope your roofers show up before the storms. I do not see the picture of the lovely Ping today.

  4. We can't see Ping either! We hope all goes well with the roof if it rains this week (we are hoping to get some rain from that storm too, but we probably won't!)

  5. I don't see Ping's photo either. Boo.

  6. We see an icon that has the word ping written on it, but no picture of Mr. Ping.......

  7. I miss the photo of your sweet face.Stay dry :)

  8. I hope you sure keep dry! I couldn't see your picture either, but since it was you we know it had to be great!

  9. nope, can not see a pik-sher of Ping, and it is too bad, because he is such a handsome mancat. hope you stays dry!

  10. Can't see the photo of Ping in Safari or Firefox.....

  11. I'm very sorry but I can't see a picture of gorgeous Ping enjoying the sunbeams!!

    But please take care with all these storms. Me and Charlie hope your roof will be ok!

    Purrs and hugs

  12. Oh, there he is, and a handsome guy he is too.

  13. YEAH PING!!!! I can see you!!!!


  14. Ping you are very handsome!

    ****whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet tuxie nursie angel Abby

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy. Fank you for coming to hold mine paw

  15. We see you Ping! We hope the patches in your roof hold up til the roofers come.

  16. You are looking handsome and golden in the sunlight Ping.

  17. Ping, you are so handsome!! We hope your roof holds up through all the wet weather!


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