Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts With Miss Boo

There's always a challenge I've found with photographing black cats.

If you didn't look close you might miss the little white chin and whiskers. But, I love the darkness of her fur with the sun hitting her back against the backdrop of the greenery from outside.

Miss Boo is sitting next to her mischievous brother, Ping in this picture and she is warily watching him, because he
loves to bedevil her. He reminds of that kid brother who would touch the sister in the back of the car and the Sister would cry out: "he touched me"!

On the other paw...
The past week or so we've had tremendously violent thunderstorms each and every afternoon. The temperatures have reached into the 100's which is a bit unusual for this time of the year. It's been reported locally the last time be had back to back 100+ degree days was in 2000. The high temperatures heat up the atmosphere and by late afternoon the thunderstorms arrive. We've had down drafts that have caused 60mph wind gusts which have toppled trees in some neighborhoods causing lots of damages. It's too early in the season for this. I worry about the tropical outlook for this season in the Atlantic basin, not to mention the worrisome Gulf. Violent weather seems to be breaking out all over this spring/summer.


  1. Boo is really lovely~! :)

    I hope the weather will be not heat, but it gets worse here as well.:(

  2. That's a lovely photo of Boo.

    Living in southeastern Ontario, Canada, we normally don't contend with violent storms, though we do get the occasional one. So, since no one can control the weather, we will hope that you all will be safe, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

  3. Love the way how Miss Boo's sleak black fur gleam.

  4. Yes - I've been reading lots of reports (from the BBC website)and from various US blogs about quite violent weather over there and the heat as well! Oh dear!
    Me and Charlie hope you are all alright and pray for environmental calm!

    Miss Boo is utterly adorable and very shiny! She sparkles!!! Ping sounds like a typical little brother! LOL!!! So so sweet!

    Take care

  5. Such terrible weather... you know you're welcome here (specially the girl cats!!)

  6. We understand how you feel about your brother, Miss Boo! They always like to start trouble!

    We are purring that your weather gets better!

  7. Boo is a beautiful girl.

    We're just getting into summer here. Very hot and humid, and we're just waiting for the 'canes to start.

  8. Miss Boo that is one beautiful picture. Mom knows just when to snap the photo.

    Oh boy has it been hot here too. Each day this week will be 95 or higher. Today 98 and 100 by tomorrow. I too am worried about the hurricanes this year.

    Stay cool all,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Lovely photo of Miss Boo. When Mom was in Indiana last week they had a big storm that made all the lights go out. Trees down all over town. But at least it cooled things down a bit, because it was hot and humid before the storm.

  10. That is a fabulous picture. We like to bedevil each other.

  11. Miss Boo looks so pretty! (And we get the "he TOUCHED me" thing around here too!)

    The thunderstorms sound quite scary. We have been getting them too, but they aren't as violent - and they do cool things down in the evening. And 100+ is really hot! We hope too that there are not a lot of hurricanes this season.

  12. Miss Boo is a cutie fur sure...beautiful whiskers too!

  13. Boo is gorgeous.....our mama knows the difficulties in photographing a black cat.....so many of Sammy's photos make his coat look terrible.

    We can relate to your weather also......it's hot here (South Texas) and we're only a couple hours from the Gulf, so get lotza nasty weather from it at times.


  14. Ping! You are a funny cat. Momma would laugh at you. Stay safe with all that weather. We are just getting lots of rain and very little sun--and it would be nice if the sun would ever come out around here...

  15. hm i does not like the sound of all the damages, but i would LOVE a good storm or two here. i realleh, REALLEH love a decent, rather violent storm. so good to sit at the window and watch and hear the thunders! i am not scared at all.

  16. Oh Miss Boo you are looking stunnnin!

  17. Miss Boo is a total beauty with very lovely black silky furs and a sweet face!...It has been extremely hot in Louisiana for the last month too=hovering around 100F a lot, which usually happens the end of July and August...The Gulf Coast certainly deserves a break, that's for sure!...Happy day sweet friends...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Miss Boo is looking beautiful with her shiny black fur and sweet white chin and whiskers.

  19. Miss Boo is beautiful!!

    We hope the weather gets better!!

  20. Miss Boo is lovely with her pretty chin and whiskers.

    100+? Oh my, I would not like to be there. I hope your Human has really good air conditioning or you might all melt into little puddles.

  21. Sorry we're so late, TSB got behind.
    Photographing these guys is uberhard too because each one requires different flash lighting, as what's not enough for one is too much for another. Good luck, and sometimes what LOOKS like a bad pic is a GREAT one. Take care!


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