Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Contest

Kat's Ka
t is having a best sleeper contest and this just happens to be one of Mom's new favorite pictures of me...she says it reminds her of sleeping on a cloud.
Please remember my brofur Jinx he has to go to the Vet today to get that lump checked out.
We will be back to update what the Vet tells us.


  1. Hi Abby you win a Gold Medal in the sleeping Olympics.

    We will be anxious to read the post on the Vet trip today,
    Hugs and purrs,
    Madi and Mom

  2. We can see why your mum loves that picture so much. A winner if we ever saw one.

    We're purring extra hard for Jinx today!

  3. It does look as though you are asleep on a cloud - no wonder your mom loves the picture. Hoping Jinx gets on ok at the v-e-t today - please give us an update.

  4. That's a wonderful entry for the contest!

    We're purring hard for Jinx and sending universal Light!!! Keep us posted!

  5. We'll be purraying for Jinx to have a good Stabby Place report.

  6. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    We're purring double time for Jinx today. xxxxxxxxx

  7. PURRecious! Looks like you're sleeping on a cloud!

  8. Totally purrfect! My sisters and I are purring for Jinx too!!!

  9. Me and Charlie adore this pic of beautiful Abby sleeping on a cotton wool of a cloud!!

    We are sending tons and tons and tons of purrs to Mr Jinx!! We hope to check back asap for further updates!

    Take care

  10. You look beautiful sleeping on your cloud Abby.

  11. You look seriously cute! Good luck with the competition. We're taking part too. And today we're doing Wordless Wednesday with Qwill, my mum's Siamese.


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