Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update On Jinx

We took Jinx into the Vet this morning. He cried all the way in and nearly all the way home.
I don't know why but somehow I think he still equates the 'car ride' to being abandoned . Because he
still has hunger issues relating to the time that they had been abandoned (Jinx can never get enough
food). He weighs 14 lbs. Which is what he weighed the last time, so I was pleased as I figured he had
gained some weight. The Vet said he is a BIG framed cat and that 14 pounds wasn't too much for him.
Since Jinx is 7 they did a senior blood panel on him (we will know those results tomorrow). The Vet
looked at his lump and said she wanted to aspirate it, and put it under the microscope. It came back
just like she thought. She said it is fatty tissue that has harden, it has some fancy medical name, which
I have forgotten. But the gist of it is that as long as it doesn't get any bigger we'll just leave it alone
as it is not harmful. Otherwise the only thing she could do is take it out, and I will do most anything to
avoid surgery, and I'm sure Mr.Jinx will be happy with that.

Boy he is so happy to be home!
Thanks for all of your purrs!


  1. Excellent!!! This is great news for Jinx!!

  2. That is fantastic news! We're so happy

  3. This is fabulous news! We're glad it's just fatty tissue and will hope there's never a need for surgery.

    My boys cry in the carrier. Nicki howls and Derry meowls, both piteously. It's embarrassing taking them (we go via taxi). Annie just huddles in fear.

    Anyway, we're glad Jinx is home again and out of the PTU!

  4. Mr Jinx, we are so glad your lump is okay! YEAH!!! That is quite a relief.

  5. Wonderful news! We are so happy that Jinx is doing well!

  6. That is good news. We are glad the lump is nothing to worry about.

  7. Whoopee Jinx!!! Great news!!! You have a very good and observant Mommy.

    Ahhhhhh senior blood panels...just as I was leaving my annual appt. last July my Vet said...ummm Madi you are 7 we should do a Senior Blood Panel BUTT since you are in good health we'll wait til 2010.
    I will be posting about that upcoming event soon.

    Abby Madi and I thank you very much for you kind comments today. Madi can be quite loving on her know what I mean.

  8. We are sure Jinx is thrilled with the no surgery decision. So glad the news was good.

  9. That is so good to hear, thanks for the update and purrs to you Jinx!

  10. I am very glad the lump is nothing dangerous. I will purr for good blood test results!

  11. Oh thank you for the update on beautiful Mr Jinx!!! Awww bless his sweet furry heart!! Me and Charlie are so glad he is home with mum and his furrblings!! Oh what a relief!!

    Big purrs and hugs to everyone at Manx Mnews!!

    Take care

  12. So glad the news is good. Purrs help!

  13. That is such wonderful news!!! We didn't even know about this as we've been out of the loop for quite sometime! Hoping never to be out of it this long again! YAY for you, Jinx!

  14. YIPPEEE! We're glad it is nothing serious! It sounds like the same thing Tamir had!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. We are so happy you are in good shape! Purrs

  16. Oh that's good news!! And we hope Jinx's blood tests come back good too!!

  17. We are SO happy for Mr. Jinx! And his Mom...

    sorry about the car ride...we do the fire siren impersonation ourselves!

  18. Phew, what a relief!!! I'm so glad it was good news :-)

  19. Jinx, this is fabulous news! We are relieved that you are going to be fine. Purrrrrr....

  20. Great news about Jinx's lump=we are so happy it is nothing to worry about!!...We hope that gorgeous boy got some cuddles and treats when he got home!!...Kitty kisses x3 sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. YAY!! we is so happy!

    ****purrrss n nosekissies**** to mine gorgeous tuxie princess

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy


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