Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gotcha Days

My three amigos!

It was 2004.
One night my husband and I were sitting in the front bedroom and I heard meows. Crying.

Thinking that someone's cat was visiting, I didn't consider it any further.

A few days later as we were doing some outside work, I walked by the front entryway to our home. (We always use the back entry)
There in the chair on the atrium was a Tuxie and a grey Tabby cat.

When they saw us they both ran.
But almost immediately the grey Tabby came right back.
So I said let's go get them something to eat.
As soon as the tuna was out, the black Tuxie was back.
And then out of the bushes a Orange Tabby jumped out.
He was the most skittish.
In fact he would not let you approach him at all.

But both the Tuxie and the grey Tabby were tame(so was the orange tabby!)
Some "kind" person had casually dropped off these three and drove away.
We think that they were dropped off at the corner of our house, and that they
went to the closet house, because they were used to being indoors.

Not knowing anything about cats, we had a learning curve.
They became our outside kitties,but not for long
First they moved into the garage.
Soon Boo moved inside the house, then one day Ping went missing.
*sigh* The story of his life!
So we couldn't leave Jinx outside by himself, so he came in.
Then Ping showed back up.
So he moved in too.

We know now that the 'kind' person who dumped the three of them couldn't handle Ping. He was and is a character. Since being with us the past 7 years he has grown to feel more secure. He still has issues and we just deal with them without punishment because Ping is such a loving soul. He is a sweet gentle playful boy. But he has his insecurities. He can't be criticized. He has come a long way but his issues I think they will always be with him. We love him unconditionally, but I will tell you he has tried my patience on many an occasion, and he does get time outs on the back porch. He is so sad when I put him out and after awhile when I have calmed myself, I feel so bad because he has such a mournful look on his face. He does not like being alone.

Jinx has remained the same, the only throwback to those days when he was homeless is that he is food oriented. He is afraid I feel that whatever meal it is is his last. He is my most insistent on eating on schedule.

Boo has changed over the years. She used to be very aloof. Now when she is alone with me (away from Abby) she wants attention and she must sleep next to me, nearly on top of me, every night. So her aloofness and seeming icy demeanor is more show than reality.

So now we do celebrate 7 years.
I can't quite grasp it has been that long.
I am so thankful to that 'kind' person for gifting them to me.
It goes to show that old cliche about one person's trash is another treasure is so true.
They are my treasures, and I do totally treasure each day with them.


  1. Such a wonderful, wonderful gotcha story, and they are the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Wow what a gotcha day story! They are very lucky that that "kind" person left them because now they have a wonderful loving home - whoever would do that would have been an awful cat parent if they had kept them. And you are lucky that you have them in your life now!

    Happy Gotcha Day Ping, Boo and Jinx!!!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to Boo, Ping, and Jinx!

    What a wonderful story--they definitely were and are your treasures.

    Lots of kitty kisses and human smooches to them all.

  4. Happy, happy gotcha day to Boo, Ping and Jinx!

  5. We are so glad these three beautiful kittehs found you. Clearly you were all meant for each other. Thank you for sharing your history.

  6. Happy Gotcha day, you three! What a wonderful Gotcha day story and it made our Mom smile very much! Have a fantastic day!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day to the three amigos!!

    I love this story and the fact that they all came together. You were so big-hearted to take them in even though they came with a little baggage :-) How wonderful that they have had seven safe and happy years with you, here's to many more!

  8. Oh Ping! I have issues too that try Momma's patience. Maybe that is why we like each other--we are both love bugs but have issues (don't all orange cats?)

    Happy Gotcha Day to three very lucky cats!

  9. Happy Gotcha Day! We love dat yoor mommy thinks of yoo guys as a "gift". Dat is how it should be, even if we do try der pashents on okashun...heehee

  10. What a wonderful Gotcha story!!!!!!!!
    We love y'all and hope you are having a wonderful day. xxxxxxx

  11. Mum's eyes are leaking - what a wonderful gotcha day story!

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Boo, Jinx and Ping!...A lovely post, we enjoyed learning more about them all...So glad they found you guys and have shared their lives in a loving home together...Kisses sweet, beautiful friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Awwww thank you so much for sharing adorable Ping, beautiful Boo and fabulous mr Jinx's gotcha day! I never knew they came all at once to you! Wow!! That's just incredible.

    And they really were meant to be with you and sweet Abby! I'm so glad they're all with you now.

    Take care

  14. Oh, my, happy 7th Gotcha Day to all the kitties. What a wonderful story. They are so fortunate they ended up with you.

  15. Happy joyful Got'cha days to you three beautiful babies. I loved reading about your rescues as I was a rescue to. My mommy found me as a kitten in the parking lot of a grocery store,. I was so beautiful that she immediately approached me and I came to her. Someone unkind and uncaring dumped me but mommy and I belong together and always will be. We love one another unconditionally. So me and mommy understand you three very much and we send love, head bonks and purrs to you and your mama and daddy.

  16. What a Gotcha story! Sounds like they picked the right house to crash in.

  17. Happy Gotcha Day to Boo, Ping and Jinx.

    Thanks for sharing their story!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. Happy Gotcha Day! You are very lucky to have humans that love you.

    Moe and Carmela

  19. A very Happy Gotcha Day to you. Loved your Gotcha Day story. Hope you all had a great day.

  20. Happy Gotcha Day Ping, Jinx and my sisfur Boo

  21. Happy Gotcha Day - you three finded the bestest efur forefur home!!

    ****whisker kissies**** to mine sweet tuxie princess Abby

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  22. Happy Gotcha Days! Love the way how Boo, Ping and Jinx crept stealthily into your heart!

  23. What a wonderful gotcha story!! At first we wanted to yell at that "kind" person! Who could just dump their cats?? But now we know that in this case, it was a good decision. Happy Gotcha Day, Ping, Boo and Jinx! You all are so lucky!!

  24. Oh aren't you (and they!) lucky! I'm glad they found you and didn't end up on the streets.

  25. Happy Gotcha Day Miss Boo,Ping & Jinx!!! Thanks to the "nice" person you all have a super home:) We loved that story!!
    Hugs & purrs to you all :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. Happy Gotcha Day! We loved learning more about Boo, Jinx, and Ping, and we are so glad that they found such wonderful humans to live with. Thank you so much for giving them a home!

    Many purrs from Franklin, Tasha, and Dobby

  27. Happiest of Gotcha days!! What an interesting story, and how awesome you all found each other.

  28. Happy, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Ping, Boo & Jinx and many, many, many mooooore!!! Thanks for sharing your Gotcha Day Story with us!!
    (((((((HUGGGGGS)))))))) from your TX furiends,

  29. Thanks for sharing this wonderful gotcha day story. We didn't know they came to you all together, but are grateful they found you and have a wonderful life!

    Purrs, Cory and family


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