Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abby Update

This is how I felt when I was put into the PTU! I holler pitifully and cried 'let me out' and no one listened.
Then I got put inside that metal monster and we had to ride forEVER! Then the place we stopped at had
sooooooooooooo many woofies. I remained silent. Finally we went into a room and Mom opened up the top
of my PTU and I tried to hit under my blankie, but there was no place to go and a strange girl picked me
up by the nape of my neck and weighed me. (I have gained 6 ounces). She said 'oh you are so petite all of my
kitties are huge'. She was nice. The Vet lady came in and Momma could see the scratch on my cornea, so
someone (Gracie or Boo) nabbed me with a quick jab. Momma got some ointment to go into my eye twice a day,
and I'm supposed to be all better in very short order. The Vet said my ouchie was already healing, but
I do have a lot of weeping. So Momma's got to keep a close watch and if I'm not better in a few days I may
have to go back.

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  1. Poor Abby! We hope you won't have to go back, sweetie! Paws crossed the ointment does the trick.

    Our mom had to give Derry eye ointment for a few weeks back in June...You should have seen him squirm! Half the time he got away--he can be pretty quick for such a chubby guy. We hope you'll be better behaved, for your mom's sake!

  2. Gah! The Evil Vet! We'd be screaming, too. Abby, sometimes you just gotta go and get stuff to make you all better, but you don't gotta LIKE it!
    We are purring for your sore little eye to heal up ASAP.

  3. What an ordeal it must have been for you! Kitties never understand that we don't like taking you to the vet any more than you like going. But sometimes it is necessary and this was one of those times. I'm so glad you got some ointment and will be better soon :-)

  4. You poor sweet girl! We don't blame you ONE BIT for being super HISSED off! We hope your eye starts to feel better. That goopy stuff will help.

  5. Oh Abby. How unpleasant - but we are glad you've got something for your ouchie. We hope it heals quickly.

  6. Awwwwww sweet Abby!!! You are a very brave wonderful kitty!! What an ordeal for you!! But me and Charlie are so glad that your sweet mum has now got meds to help your eye heal!!! We hope you get extra treats for being so so so amazing at the v-e-ts! Take care

  7. I'm so sorry you got a hurty eyeball! But I'm glad you are already healing up. I think extra treats will help the healing process, too.

  8. Hi Abby! What a visit - lots of woofies - not too fun we are sure! Stella had a similar thing a few weeks back and had ointment - it isn't too bad and it really will make your eye feel better. It did start to work really quick for Stella so we hope it does for you too! We are sorry it is from you getting bopped - but it does happen sometimes, and we are sure it was an accident! We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers to be all better soon, so you don't have to go back to the vet!

  9. Those eye ouchies are the worst, I hope yours gets better really quick sweet Abby!

  10. We hope the ointment soon makes your eye better and you don't have to go back to the vet again. We holler to when we have to go.

  11. Oh Abby, we sure do hope yer eye is better furry soon. Ptu rides to a v-e-t is the worstest!


  12. Oh Honey..sweet Abby. I am so sorry your eyeball has such a hurty. Please help mama get that ointment into your eye and then, show us another picture of your beautiful self smiling.

    I know what it's like to have to get put into that thing! I sang opera all the way to it, ion the Office and all the way home. I hope you did too. You needed the exercise. (I try to hide in the palm of mommy's hand).


  13. I'm sorry that you had such an awful time.
    I hope your eye gets better soon so that you don't have to go back there.

  14. Oh I'm so glad it nothing that won't heal up soon. Be good and take your ointment!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Abby I am glad you are going to be okay! And I am glad the nasty vet visit is over. i hope that handsome Ping did not do this to you. That would make me unhappy.


  16. Go BACK? I think NOT! You should send one of those evil aggressors who attacked you instead! Make THEM go to the v-e-t for you. It's just not right to make you go again. Looks like you're yellin' really good!

  17. Aww... we don't like the trip to the v-e-t either. Even if we love our v-e-t Dr Erina!
    Purrrs that your eye heals up very quickly. Pricilla had a similar problem but this was before Dr Erina and the v-e-t put a dye in her eye and then used metal tongs to open her eye socket to see if there was anything inside... urm...

    Anyway... good luck with the ointment!!!
    Purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji


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