Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jack o'Lantern Folklore

The story of the Jack o'Lantern comes from Irish folklore. Jack was a crafty farmer who tricked the Devil into climbing a tall tree.

When the Devil reached the highest branch, Jack carved a large cross in the trunk, making it impossible for the Devil to climb down. In exchange for help getting out of the tree, the Devil promised never to tempt Jack with evil again.

When Jack died, he was turned away from Heaven for his sins and turned away from Hell because of his trickery. Condemned to wander the Earth without rest, Jack carved out one of his turnips, took an ember from the devil, and used it for a lantern to light his way. He became known as "Jack of the Lantern."
I found the story here, including a recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds.

Another interesting fact to share, "Today, pumpkins mean big business at Halloween: U.S. farmers grow over a billion pounds a year, worth about $106 million."


  1. Very interesting folklore! We live in an area where there are a LOT of pumpkins being grown. Have a great Halloween friends!

  2. Very interesting folklore! We live in an area where there are a LOT of pumpkins being grown. Have a great Halloween friends!

  3. Interesting post...We hope you all have a fun and festive Halloween filled with treats...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Great Interesting Post !
    Have a great Halloween : )

  5. Great folklore story. I didn't know that one. Happy Halloween!

  6. Oh no!!! Poor Jack!! What a great story!! Thanks for the link too - it's fab to know what to do with the seeds and this looks like a really easy peasy recipe to do! Yay - thank you!


    Take care

  7. Poor guy... but denied from he'll for his trickery?
    Had to laugh at this one :)
    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  8. WOW we never knew this...thanks for taking to time to research it for everyone!!!
    Happy Meow-o-ween,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Wow! What an interesting story.

    Happy Halloween!

  10. That was so cool, I didn't realize any of that! Happy Halloween!!!

  11. Wow! We didn't know that...what a neat story!

    No pumpkins at our house although we have plenty of Scairdy Cats!

  12. Love the folklore! And totally agree with the pumpkin fact! Over in Australia shops have been charging $22 for a small pumpkin to carve!

  13. Cool Halloween info. I didn't know the Jack o'Lantern story and it's such a sad one, too.

    Thanks for adding to the spirit of Halloween!


  14. Great story! Halloween is the best! Glad we can get to know you. Perhaps Banana and Cheese will have another party soon and you can come!

    B and C


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