Saturday, October 02, 2010

Live Strong

This October 2, LIVESTRONG is trying make sure that they are letting the world know that they are ready to beat Cancer. They want to turn some heads by getting folk to join the fight against cancer by wearing yellow on LIVESTRONG Day.

In 1991 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma.
Luckily for me, it was caught early enough not to have caused any damage.
Other than the 200 stitches I got over my right shoulder!
But that is a small price to pay for beating the BIG C.
So for all survivors everywhere: LIVESTRONG!


  1. Concats for being a survivor!!

  2. Congratulations for being a survivor!

  3. A big salute to you for surviving!!!

    200 stitches????????????????

    Well, again, LIVESTRONG!

  4. We're so glad you are a survivor and we honour you!

    We're sending purrs, healing Light and universal Blessings to All Beings who have been impacted by this disease.

  5. And what a super duper wonderful survivor of the evil c you are too!! Yay for you!!! Hugs and purrs! Take care

  6. Well done for beating Cancer!

    We hope that someday soon, Cancer will be history.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on beating it!!! Our mom is fighting it right now! We are ALL hoping for a cure!!!

    Live Long & Live Strong

  8. 200 stitches! You really live strong!
    We honour you!

  9. Yay for beating cancer and being an inspiration to everyone who knows your story!

    Livestrong and Lovestrong too!

  10. Hooray for you and survivors everywhere! We all need to LiveStrong together!

  11. It is wonderful to hear that you're a cancer survivor! We are sending purrs that you are doing much better now!

  12. Giant CONGRATS on being a survivor.
    We've gone yellow to support the cause. Glad to join you in this event.

  13. That is really wonderful that you are a cancer survivor, especially having had melanoma. You are a great inspiration. We pray for more cures and a day when there will no longer be any people or animals who have to die from cancer ever.

    Purrs, and LIVESTRONG!

  14. Congratulations on being a survivor and beating the evil C.
    We honour those who have survived cancer, and remember with sadness those who didn't.


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