Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr Kitty Update

I thought I would let everyone know how Mr. Kitty is doing.
Can you see the little house in the back?
Daddy made that for Mr. Kitty. He doesn't use it but if he ever gets ready to move in, it's there for him.

He was waiting for dinner.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is one handsome and gorgeous Mr Kitty!!! Awwww! And what a brilliant little home for him too -you are such STARS!!! Me and Charlie are very glad to meet him! He's adorable!

    Take care

  2. That's a great house! We hope Mr. Kitty decides to use it, especially in inclement weather. At least he has food and shelter, thanks to your humans!

  3. Mr. Kitty is such a handsome ginger boy! We hope he starts using his house!

  4. Mr. Kitty is one handsome dude!

  5. My mommy is smiling SO big about your daddy building that house for Mr. Kitty. How loving and good.

    purrs and bonks to HIM.

  6. How kind of your dad to make Mr. Kitty such a nice house. We are purring that he will start using his house.

  7. Mr. Kitty, we hope you move into your house as it gets cooler outside. You are a smart guy...your tummy-clock is right on time!

  8. We take it this means Mr. Kitty is doing okay, but his family doesn't let him live inside.

  9. That is a lovely little house for Mr. Kitty. Hopefully he will soon feel confident enough to use it.

  10. Awesome house! That'll be great for Mr. Kitty when the weather gets colder - I hope he uses it!

  11. It is so nice of you guys to provide for the cat like that. Not everyone is so considerate of animals, although they should be.

    The Mr. Kitty house is awesome!


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