Monday, November 01, 2010

Beau Special Purrday Wish

My dear furfriend Beau is 11 today.
Isn't he handsome?
Mr.Beau is a southern gentlemancat.
We hope you join us in sending him a special purrday wish.
~Miss Boo


  1. Awwwww!!! Beautiful Miss Boo! What a gorgeous pic of you!!

    Me and Charlie have been by wonderful Beau's to wish him a fantastic b-day!! He's a cutie!! Take care

  2. We wished Beau many happy returns!

    Miss Boo, can you tell Gracie that Sylvester was so busy meeting new Cats that it's OK Gracie wasn't at our pawty...he was hoping to meet her somewhere less busy and more (hee hee hee)private.

    Hahaha! He's blushing up a storm!

  3. Beau is very handsome and you're a looker Miss Boo!

  4. We went over and wished Beau a happy birthday!! He sure is handsome!

  5. Hello Boo!

    We've been over at Beau's place to wish him a very happy birthday!

    You are looking stunning Boo!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  6. What a handsome man cat indeed! Happy to meet you and many returns of Happy Birthdays, handsome boy!


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