Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughtful Boo

Curled tail, ears up, Boo says she's being very careful because her sister is right off to the left and she's not sure what she is about to do.

Tomorrow at DAILY DOSE OF DOGS(AND CATS), Chrystal is having a commentathon.
Here is what she related :

"Don't forget that on Friday, we will launch Pam's Gotcha Day Comment-a-thon celebration right here at the daily dose. All you have to do is leave a comment after her story, anytime between midnight on Thursday night until midnight on Sunday night. For every comment left on this blog during that period of time, Pam will donate fifty cents to our dream of a second cathouse. Oh, do please come by this weekend, and leave a comment."

So please if you will be kind, drop in and leave a quick comment.
Chrystal and all her rescued animals will thank you!


  1. ****whisker kissies**** to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Abby

    purrrss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  2. Boo, Annie has to be really careful too, because she never knows when one of the boys will Ruin Her Good Time.

    We'll be commenting tomorrow over at Chrystal's blog...We usually leave a comment there anyway! :-)

  3. You do look very thoughtful Miss Boo.

  4. You look as though you are a million miles away in your thoughts Boo.

  5. Hi Boo you must keep your eyes, ears and tail on alert when your sister is lurking...MOL
    Madi and Mom

  6. The Gorgeous Miss Boo!!!!!!! We love all of you so very much!!!!!

    We will definitely be participating in the Commentathon.

  7. what did your sister end up doing?

    I will leave a comment too!!!

  8. I do that sometimes when Ichiro is looking at me. Then Momma says I do a very vishous hiss at him. I hope Abby is nicer to you.

    Hello handsome Ping!

  9. stay on your toes, Miss Boo... wunner what that Abby is up to...

  10. Boo, it is a good idea to keep an eye on things because you never know when someone is going to decide it is time to play and attack!

    And we can't wait for the commentathon - it is so cool!!

  11. Oh Miss Boo. You are so sleek and bewteeful! Nose taps and kissies to you.

  12. Awww Boo - even on high state of alert you are just lovely!!

    Yay for Chrystal! What a great thing to do!! Take care

  13. You do look a wee bit cautious there sweet Boo, understandable though!

  14. You can never be too careful, huh, Boo? I guess they don't call you Boo for no reason.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Oh, Boo, never turn your back to a sister!

  16. Boo! You are bootifull! That Abby wouldn't do anything bad to you....would she? Still, a girl has to be on the alert.


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