Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Bunch of FANKS

A few weeks ago we pawticipated in a commentathon over at The White Dog Blog. Siku Marie was celebrating 2000 posts and wanted to paw it forward. WE were one of those selected for the give aways. Our wonderful goodies arrived yesterday. A terrific and beautiful book called CURIOUS CATS and a very nice light to help us see it! Also included were two nommy bags of Pet Greens. YOU know we will be enjoying all of those. Thank you so much Siku Marie you are a beautiful and generous woofie and we appreciate everything you did.
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  1. Oh wow!! Those are brilliant pressies from gorgeous Siku Marie!!! Yay!!!! Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday all at Manx Mnews!! Take care

  2. What a great gift. Those treats look nommy.


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