Monday, February 07, 2011

KoZy KAt KoNdo

We would like your input.
Come one come all kitties...we're in need of some kitty research.
So will you be on my kitty panel?
My Dad makes kitty condos and he calls his little venture Kozy Kat Kondos.
He has a website which you can get to by clicking that title.
Well what I'd like your input on is what designs you like best.
Please feel free to leave your comments here on my blog or on his wordpress blog.
WE thank you in advance!


  1. We think they're all great, but we especially like 7849A, 7854A, and 7856A (thinking of our own space and what the mom would like for us!).

  2. I didn't write down the model numbers, but if I were to buy one, it would be one of the 3 with the long sisal posts - probably the one with the flat sisal board/ramp. My cats seem to like it better when they can really stretch long and scratch!

  3. I love the top middle, top right and bottom left....I didn't write down numbers either...I love them ALL but those are my faves

  4. We expect there would be people who liked all of them, because space, and price and so on would factor in. But if I COULD climb it (i.e. if I had claws) I do think the favorite would be 100_7854A

  5. Me and Charlie left a comment on our favourite: 100_7856A!

    Good luck with this venture!! They are brilliant kitty kondos!! Take care

  6. We really liked the whole first row across because, well, because my Sam can't climb. Those 3 had wonderful places even on the bottom where he could feel part of it all. I love my Sam and don't ever like him to feel left out. As for me, the higher the better so I can feel like the queen :D
    Abby, tell your parents thank you for posting those wonderful condo pics.

  7. Those are fabulous! I think my favorite is 7856A because of the two enclosed houses.

  8. They are all great! I think my girls would like 100_7856A best because of the two houses and many levels. I really like 100_7724A because it would fit in a corner - great way to use space.

    If I ever get another cat tree, I will ask to have all of the posts covered in sisal. That's how my current one is, and the cats go nuts for all the scratching options. (It wasn't a feature I'd looked for, but it happened to work out great!)

  9. Bwhahahahahaha...I wants a pink mousie! Anytime there is a pawty you is alys all in it...hehehehe. Yous too much furiend.

    Uh, I is not a kitteh but I will has my mum's furiend check 'em out. Her is da crazy kitteh lady round heres.


  10. We like them all but we think wqe would like 7849 the best

  11. Abby,

    Tank yous fur stoppin' by my blog today to helps me celebrates my birfday. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. I think I like the last one, Abby !
    Because it look solid and huge for me : )

  13. We like 7854A the best, and we like 7845A too. We think they are all great, really!! We wish we lived in your area so we could get one.

  14. WOW! I liked the 1st 3, lots! We all like the open spaces as compared to the hidey holes. They all look very nice!

  15. Oh Abby and Family the Kitty Condo's are cool!! Your Dad is very creative and we hope he makes lots of green papers!! We love the 2 Story house one the best!! Good luck at the Shows he is going to!!
    ((((((HUGGGGSSSSS)))))) from your TX furiends,

  16. WE like # 2, 4 and 5. The tilted scratching post is very nice and could also be a nice kitty slide.

    Tell Dad he does excellent work.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  17. We left a message for your Daddy on his site - hope that was OK.

  18. Wonderful kat kondos!!!!!!!! As deprived kitties, we love them all!!!!!!!!


  19. All are great! We especially lurrved those that are tall and wif hidey holes!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  20. 100_7856a and 100_7845a are faves because they have hidey holes.

    BTW, it's Feb 1st not Feb 7th.

  21. 100_7849A is my favorite but that's because I am a very suspicious kitty who doesn't much like to get INSIDE things, except for my cozy tent. This one looks like fun!

  22. We like 100_785A and 100_7264A the bestest!

  23. We'd like 100_7856A the best but they are all great!!

  24. Your dad does some nice work. We think they are all neat and would like any one of them, but if we have to pick, this one might have a little bit more of an edge - 100_7856A.

  25. It would have to be 100_7856A
    As it is high and has towers!

  26. I like the one with the houses very much. I wanted to say that I looked at your dad's site and appreciate that he's donating the money from what he sells to cat charities. Am I right?
    Yay! Big smoocheroos for him!

    This may be just the ticket, since I don't have a condo--yet...mmmm.. *narrows eyes*

    Thanks for sharing the info & pics!


  27. We like the whole first row, because you can jump, run, but you have enough space on the perches and platforms to take a good nap...

  28. Greetings,

    We think your dad is very handy and wish his new venture all the very best.

    As for a favorite design, we feel that one which incorporates a house like structure is best.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  29. We like all those condos. We especially like #100-7849A. But we would be happy with any of them. Those are really well done. Take care.

  30. We like #2 & #3 the best but they are all wonderful. The last one, the short one would be good for kitties who can't jump real good anymore but still want the luxury of condo living.

  31. WOWIE what great condos and they look well made, high quality and strong. Miles and I are rough and we race up and down a lot so we like the different levels! and the hiding spaces. All of them look wonderful.
    Love the posts for scratching. I like scratch posts but Miles is a carpet scratcher.

    We couldn't choose!!

    Have a bonkful week-end

  32. Amazing work!! Our favorites are 7854A and 7861A.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

  33. Thank you for the condolences about my kitty sister Hannah. We miss her very much.

  34. WOW! Your daddy is super talented!!!

  35. I love all of the kondos! I've never had one so I'm not sure which one I'd use.

    Thank you so much for your visit and the purrs while we await my test results and for my mom's nerves.

  36. Hi! in my younger days i would have picked the one on the top right. Now I would really like the one photo # "100_7861a" (when I right clicked on the picture)

    I really love how the top is round for curling up in. I wouldn't have to feel like a sausage!


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