Friday, March 04, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday With Grace

Now you tell me, could there be any cuter face than this one?
Daddy is volunteering with First Coast No More Homeless Pets this weekend and is showing his condos at the Jacksonville Home & Patio Show.
This is a BIG deal and Daddy is so happy he was asked to be a part of the FCNMHP booth.


  1. Well done to your daddy!! What a great thing, I'm sending him LOUD purrrrrs!!

  2. Chey thinks her face is cuter! I think she is wrong. You are cutest--except maybe for handsome Ping! Yeah for your Daddy!

    Ping! Do you want to spend some time with me?!

  3. Grace, you look so cute with those round eyes !
    and your dad is ROCk !!! Very Great thing he does !
    I proud of him

  4. How exciting for your male human - paws up!

  5. Agree with Puddy, your daddy sure rocks!!
    Can't wait to see the Condo!!!

    And yes Grace, you are not just cute but sweet and lovely too!

  6. That is fabulous about your Daddy. Grace, that is a lovely picture of you.

  7. Grace, that's a beautiful shot of your sweet face.

    Good luck to your dad this weekend! It sounds very exciting!

  8. Grace you are so so cute! Congrats to your daddy!! He must be so excited!!

  9. Grace, you are too gorgeous for mews or words!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  10. Amazing Grace!! You have a cutest face ever - just look at your gorgeous face!! Awwwww!!

    Yay for your dad!!!! Me and Charlie are so happy for him!!! Take care

  11. We are delighted for your Dad - we hope everyone luvs his condos. Grace you have a beautiful face and your eyes are gorgeous.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Way to Go Dad for volunteering!!! We are very pleased to hear that his beautiful cat trees will be on display too.
    Hugs M&M

  13. Definitely a cute, cute face, Grace, but to be purrfectly honest we think all of your faces are so cute! Kudos to your Daddy for his volunteer work and good luck to him at the home show with the condos he makes!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  14. Oh Grace you are so lovely :-) Good luck to your Dad this weekend!!!

  15. Gracie you are just totally adorable! Good luck to your Dad on the show!!!

  16. yay for your daddy!!!

    purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet teeny tuxie princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  17. Well done to your daddy! You have a beautiful face Grace.

  18. No face could EVAR bee sweeter than yours, Miss Gracie!

    And your fizzeek ain't bad, either...hubba hubba!

    XX Sylvester, Yr Devoted Tuxie

  19. Oh Miss Grace, you do have the sweetest round face! That is super cool that your Daddy is showing his condos while volunteering - we hope he sells bunches! Have a great weekend, buddies!

  20. You are very cute, Grace. We love that picture of you - you have a very sweet face!

    Concats to your dad and good luck for the event! We want our mom to drive across country so she can get one of his trees for us!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  21. We're so excited for your Dad! Hope it goes well!!


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