Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011

When it was first suggested we chose a word to describe our cat, the first one to my mind was loyal.

Part of speech: adjective
Definition: faithful, dependable
Synonyms: allegiant, ardent,attached,behind one,believing,constant,devoted,firm,staunch,steadfast,true-blue,trustworthy,unfailing,unswerving,unwavering.

Abby is a firm faithful constant completely attached cat to me.
She is truly devoted, totally unwavering.
I do believe she would follow me over that proverbial cliff if she had to.

For all of her other quirky behaviors this is the one that lends itself so near and dear to my heart.
As it has I am sure for the two other former homes that she was in.
I know for certain that the former Mom in the home she was in said she was quite devoted to her daughter, as Abby was her cat before her mean Dad made her give her up.
But for me Abby is my true loyal companion.
For here and now and beyond.

Please send some purrs for Dad. He goes back for his evaluation tomorrow on his torn rotator cuff. We will know if'n Dad has to have surgery or not.


  1. Oh we will purr for your Daddy loyal Abby!

    Hello handsome Ping. Are you going to purr on your Daddy tomorrow?

  2. Loyal is a great word, Abby. We love your post.

    Purrs for your Dad. Our Mom will have elbow surgery next week, so we know what you guys are going through. Hope your Dad can avoid the surgery.

  3. How did you pay your mom to get this word ?
    Happy Wordy Wednesday

  4. That is a great word. There are some really loyal cats and mainly the dogs here.
    Many purrs to your Dad in hopes he doesn't have to have surgery.

  5. We are purring for you Dad and we thinks loyal is the purrfect word for you Abby.

  6. Awwwww beautiful Abby!!! She is a total sweetheart, truly lovely!!!!

    Me and Charlie aresnding lots of purrs and hugs for dad! Take care

  7. "Loyal" is a great word for you, Abby!

    We're sending lots of purrs to your dad, hope the follow-up appt goes well!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  8. Abby you and Mom are the apple of each other's eye.....very precious post.

    WE are sending PURRS for Dad cause we know he does NOT want to have surgery.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. She is loyal and a lady too!!! Good luck to your Dad tomorrow...paws crossed everything goes well.

  10. Yous looks marvelous darling! Me is sending purrayer for your daddy and it was nice to meet yous on this wordy challenge!
    Mischevious Penelope

  11. You are also very handsome. It is nice to meet you. Very nice graphic and great picture. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. I love that word sweet Abby and it's one to be proud of fur sure!

  13. We hope your Dad won't need surgery.

  14. Sending purrs for your Dad. We love the word for you Abby - it suits you fine!

  15. We fink Loyal suits yoo! Purrs to yoor Daddy. Oliver and Ruby

  16. mine gorgeous teensy tuxie princess is also LOVELY!!

    purssss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  17. We are purring and praying for your dad, Abby!

    And by the way, we think your word and graphic are PURRfect! :)

  18. Loyal is a perfect word for you Abby!

    Purrs for your dad

  19. That's a really nice word!!!

    We'll purr for your Dad.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. Purrs for your diddy, Abby! You sound like my Aunt Beatrice. She is as loyal as they come.

  21. Loyal is the purrfect word for you Abby. We are purring for your daddy.

  22. Abby has a most beautiful and important word to describe her. What a wonderful quality to possess. Purrs to your Dad, hope all goes well!

  23. Abby, loyalty is worth more than money.

    We hope your dad is okay and his evaluation shows he will not need surgery.

  24. What a beautiful photo and post; our Mommy was very moved by the last line (...and beyond)...Best of luck to your Daddy, beautiful Abby...kisses to all our sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Wow, Abby!! You are something!!

    We are purring for your dad. A torn rotator is really painful!

  26. Aww, sweet Abby. How sad that her former owner had to give her up, but at least she found a wonderful new home!

    Sending purrs for dad!

  27. Hi beautiful Abby! You Mom is lucky to have such a loyal kitteh.

    Purrs for Dad!

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  29. Loyalty is a wonderful trait! I hope your dad feels better soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  30. Loyal is great!

    Purrs to Dad!!

  31. That is a great quality/characteristic to have and a lovely picture. Purrs to your Dad.

  32. Sorry we are late! Abby that is a wonderful word for you. We also send purrs to your dad.


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