Monday, April 04, 2011

Mancat Monday With Ping

Sleepy Ping
Stretched out!
Such a long boy!
Lucky Cat Adoptions had one kitty go to a new home this weekend.
Sadly, a lady brought a cat back.
Lucky Cat accepts any cat back for any reason that they have
previously adopted.
The Lady was heartbroken, she didn't want to relinquish her beautiful
cow kitty, but where she was moving she could not take her.
The poor kitty was upset and that broke all of our hearts.
So, I hope this special one finds another home very soon.


  1. Ping I was so thrilled to see your handsome belleh we did not even read farther. Momma wants a snorgle and I want a snuggle!

  2. Super Stretch POWEEEERRRRRR !!!!!
    PING , You loook suuperrr Looooooong
    I wonder how many inches ?

  3. That is so sad that a kitty came back. Especially since the cat and her human were both so upset. :-(

  4. Ping, you look adorable all stretched out!

    We are purring for the cow kitty to find a cat soon!

  5. Ping, you sure look comfy all stretched out. We were sad about the kitty that had to be returned but thank heavens they took the kitty back rather then put it in a pound of some sort.

  6. Mr Ping!! You are adorable!! Enjoy your strecthes!!!

    Me and Charlie are so glad one kitty found a forever home. We are so sorry about the other kitty though. We hope and pray that kitty gets adopted asap!! Take care

  7. Ping, we think your tummy must have special magical powers!

  8. What a fantastic snorgle-able tummy you have Mr. Ping!!!

  9. I thinks Ping may haves been a dachshund in a previous life.
    So happy dat a kitteh went home but sad fur da other one.


  10. Run Ping - mom wants to snorgle your belly.

    We will be purring for that returned kitty - mom says it is so hard for everyone.

  11. We want to come and snuggle with Ping - we looks as though he has a furry comfy spot for his nap.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Ping, the mom is sending cyber snorgles! You're irresistible!

    That poor kitty...We're purring she finds her true forever home very soon!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  13. What marvelous snapshots of you, handsome Ping.


  14. You're looking might fine there Ping!!! I'm so sad for the returned one, many purrs to that sweetie.

  15. Ping your long lean body is most beautiful...

  16. Gosh, Ping sure is long! He can really fill a bed!

    Our shelter takes back any cats also, and it's so very sad when they have to come back. We hope that little one finds a new home very soon.

  17. But thank heaven she brought the baby back. Some people would have turned it loose to fend for itself.

  18. Ping, you are an exquisite man cat.

  19. purrrrrsssss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess angel abby - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  20. Awww Ping your so cute.I will be praying cow kitty finds a good forever home.

    P.S Thank you for your kind words for mom.We send you hugs and kisses:)

  21. Ping, you are such a stretched out,long, handsome kitty!!! We like your belly too,heehee
    We purr for the little kitty that was returned. We hope kitty will quickly find a new,forever home!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  22. We kinda had the sads reading about that Lady, but then the Human was so enchanted at your picture Ping, that she felt better right away.

    Still, we hope that little kitty gets another home.

  23. Ping, you are one looooong furry kitty!


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