Monday, May 16, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy



Last night while reading tweets we came upon this story about Daisy.
Daisy has continued to haunt us
and we hope you will join us in
sending purrs of strength and wellness to one
sweet beautiful girl.

Thank you Mr Puddy for letting me know...
I guess because it is a FB page that is why it does not show up from the direct link.


  1. Hi, Abby
    Not sure what is going on with Daisy's link..It went no where !
    Is that " Daisy Curly Cat " ?

  2. I kbow what it is and I could not go to any sites about it. It's bad enough just barely figuring it out. God bless her precious heart.

  3. Tanks for stopping by for da visit! Wees will be back soon to snoop awound!

  4. I saw this yesterday and I am appalled at what happened to that poor kitty. I have been purring for her to heal, and I really hope that whoever did this is caught and punished to the max!

  5. Miss Abby,
    We could not find anything about Miis Daisy!

  6. What's happening?!?! Awww poor Daisy - I can only presume it's not good? Oh dear! :-(

    Take care


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