Monday, May 09, 2011

Mancat Monday With Ping and Jinx

This is not good.

Believe me this IS NOT GOOD!

Ping keeps an eye out for any sudden movements.
He let out a "yowl" and that snake took off!

But he or she came back.
Then we had to send out for more reinforcements.
Dad killed him . Her.
We believe he she was a poisonous Cottonmouth and he she was coming too close to the house. We don't like to kill creatures,
but this time we felt we had to keep things safe around the house.
OH MY goodness...
after finishing up this post Mom was sitting on the back porch with Mr Jinx and Abby and Boo came out to sit at her door and she started acting funny.
Mom got up and looked and there was a 2nd snake.
MOM called for reinforcements (Dad).
It was near dusk now.
This second snake seemed to be looking for the first snake.
So Dad goes out and wackes the second snake.
He's deadded too!
This had to be more than a coincidence.
Mom speculates that the first snake was a female and the second one a male.
We have never in the 10+ years of living here ever seen a Cottonmouth, much less 2 in one day.
And we hope we never do again.


  1. Oh my! You were so brave to keep an eye out on that snake Ping! How scary!

    Your Gemini

  2. Wow! That must have been very scary for your mom...good thing you were there to help her be brave...thank Cod for dads!

  3. OMC! How frightening!! My human loves snakes, but she is as scared of the poisonous kind as any non-snake lover! Out here in the West, the main snakes we get are rattlers, so my human hopes never to encounter any near our house!

  4. We are so glad you guys were not outside. That is truly scary and nasty. We hope you don't see any ever again.....

  5. OMC !!! I'm about to have a heart attack !
    That snake look so dangerous, Lucky you guys was inside !!!

    Take Care

  6. Awww hugs to Ping, Mr Jinx, Abby and Boo! Take care

  7. That was super scary!!! We only like snakes filled with catnip!

  8. Oh, that is very scary! That snake looks really big! We're glad they're gone now!

  9. Wow, that is so scary. Those cotton mouth snakes are so dangerous. We are glad Dad killed them because the snake would have killed you kitty cats or hurt your Mom. Take care and hope you have a snake free week.

  10. Mom. MOM!! ::smacks her with paw:: It's ok, the snakies are gone now.

  11. Those cottonmouth snakes are pretty bad. Hope they both weren't out hunting for food for the babies!!!

  12. How scary....we are glad you guys are safe. If that would have happened here, mom would have had us packed up and the house for sale before you could yell SNAKE!! She is very afraids of them....

  13. Personally, I enjoy creatures cuz I is a dog but, my mom and dad enjoy it.
    Howevers, under these circumstances dat snake had to GO! Especially it bein' a poisonous one...skeeeeerey!


  14. Wow, that is pretty scary stuff!!!

  15. We were so scared and we weren't anywhere near your snakes - they looked very nasty. Your Dad was very brave to deaded them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. OMC that was a horror story to top all horror stories. Thank heavens you kitties are inside. I hope they did not have babies yet.
    Several years ago our neigbors little sweet Cassie dog was bitten by one in their yard. It happened quickly even with Cassie's parents right there. They rushed her to the Emergency Vet. She had surgery to remove the bitten area and then had to have skin grafts. It took a long time but she got over it.
    Hugs Madi

  17. oh oh oh noes!!! I will come and protekt you Abby darling. No snake will get to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie angel.

    purrsss n nosekissies - your strong floofy manly cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  18. Sylvester is hustling over THIS MINUTE to go on snake watch and protect Gracie! He hardly ever blinks, so he'll spot a snake the second it appears. We get rattlesnakes, they are just as bad as cottonmouths. Your Dad is very brave to ded them. Did he use the Shovel Technique? That's what Mommy does. (Daddy is a softy)

  19. How scary! I don't like snakes. You were very brave!

  20. YIKES!!!! That is scary :O
    We do not have bad snakes where we live,just harmless ones.
    Good thing your Dad got them because they are not the kind of thing you want any where near you!!
    Ooooo!!! Even Mom has goose bumps,heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  21. OMC I AM TERRIFIED OF SNAKES! I could barely bring myself to look at the photos! :(

  22. OMC how scary!!! Thank Cod you're all safe!

  23. Holy canoli! It's a good thing you had reinforcements to take care of those snakes!!

  24. Oh my goodness! I'm glad nocat got bitten!

  25. That's a really a-citing story but really, really scary! We are glad your dad dedded them. We don't like to kill things neither (well, correction: The Human does not like to kill things; I have no problem with it), but we draw the line at poisonous snakes!!!

  26. Cripes! This almost made our mom toss her cookies - she HATES snakes. It doesn't matter if they are itty bitty non-poisonous ones or one as HUGE as that one. GROSS! She once had a garden at our old house, and one day she lifted up a squash leaf and found a nasty snake. She never set foot in that garden again. If we didn't have a dad at the time, that garden would have just rotted.


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