Monday, June 06, 2011

Mancat Monday With Ping

Ping takes some quiet time on his back porch.
We had 3 adoptions this week with Lucky Cat at Petsmart.
It is always good when a kitty gets a forever home.
Daddy will be having his sur-jee-ree tomorrow for his
torn rotator cuff.
Please keep him in your purrs.
We will update as soon as we can.
Mom may not be able to help us too much with visiting this
week, she told us she'll have to see how it goes with Daddy.
Dat Doktor better take gud care of my Daddys!


  1. Ping you look so handsome in that window! I wish I could come sit in it with you!


  2. Mr. Ping, Great choice for prime spot of sun puddle..That made your fur look so purrfect !

    I purrs so hard for your daddy. I hope everything go well for his surgery.


  3. Purrs to your male human - my human is having enough trouble with an injured rotator cuff (it is taking weeks of therapy and stretching to get back up to speed!), so I can only imagine what it must like to have one injured badly enough to need surgery!

  4. Mr Ping!! You are looking amazing!!!!

    Me and Charlie will keep your dad in our thoughts and hearts as he undergoes his surgery! We are sending you all lots of purrs and hugs!

    Yay for the kitty adoptions too!! Brilliant news! take care

  5. We are purring for your Daddy and his surgery! We hope everything goes perfectly.

    Ping, we think you're such a handsome mancat! The girls here are all swooning.

  6. Ping, you look very handsome and mancatly, posing there in the window.

    We're sending your dad lots of purrs and healing universal Light that all goes smoothly with his surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery too!

  7. We will pur for your Diddy, Ping! Marmie knows the idea of surgery can be scary, but everything will be ok in the end! By the way, I love your squinting manly face!

  8. Ping you are such a handsome mancat!!! We will be thinking about your Dad tomorrow and hoping everything goes well!!!

  9. Purrs for your dad. Hope all goes well with his surgery.

    Always good to hear that kitties get forever homes.

  10. We will purray for your Dad. And Ping, you are quite the majestic mankitteh!

  11. Oh Ping you are so handsome.
    Please give Dad our best wishes for a successful surgery and recuperation. You all be sure to keep him entertained.
    Hugs Madi

  12. Ping, you look too sleepy to pay attention!

    13 big purrs for your Daddy; let us know how he comes thru the surgery.

  13. Looking good mighty Ping! We are all sending purrs for your Daddy!

  14. Mr. Ping, you're glowing in that sun puddle! We'll send our best purrs to your Daddy tomorrow!

  15. Hi Ping! You look very handsome sitting in that sunny spot!

    We are sending your dad lots of purrs for his surgery - we hope he heals up very quickly!!

  16. Ping, you make my Tortie heart flutter. You are SO handsome. Beautiful pictures of you.

    Your Daddy will be fine and I and mommy will purr and purray. xoxoxoxo

  17. purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie angel princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  18. Hi Ping! We hope you enjoyed your Monday sun. You don't look impressed with the pawparazzi, mol!

    Concats to the kitties that got their furrever homes!
    We'll be purring for your dad.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  19. Ping! Your ears are all GLOWY!

    We will purrs for your daddeh and hope his cuff gets better. Maybe he could get some cuff links and they would hold it together?

  20. Yippee for the adoptions!! !

    Ping you are a handsome specimen of a mancat!
    Thank you for your sympathies for Sasha! She was a dear pig and we miss her so!

  21. Purrs to your Dad! Hope it goes well~

  22. Ping, you are looking handsome as usual. Purrs to your dad...we hope his surgery goes well!!

  23. Ping, you are so handsome! I love your dark red color.

    We'll keep your daddy in our thoughts and I hope his surgery goes smoothly!


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