Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today is the 9th anniversary of my Grandmother's death.
This gardenia bush grows right outside my back porch. Whenever I see it I am reminded of my Grandmother because it was one of the plants that she kept on her back porch. When I got it, I decided to plant it into the yard and it has done very well over the years. It has blossomed and grown and it brings her to mind. She loved being surrounded by plants and had a wide assortment some of which I still have in the same pots she had them in. I like to believe she would be happy to know that these plants are still thriving.


Most grownups will tell you that you never really out grow their relatives. That doesn’t mean that you will always need their help but chances are you will feel better knowing that they are there…just in case.


It feels very strange to me to think that all of my grandparents are gone. They were a huge part of my life. I can’t think of a time before 2002 where they weren’t around and now I have…none.

Fact there is now no one from that generation here now.

One more piece of my childhood is disappearing. I suppose I am selfish, but selfish it is.

Me, I am torn today.

This is all bittersweet.
But, I still don’t want to let go of my memories.


  1. Oh, don't ever let go of your memories. Your grandparents live on in your heart. Hold them near and remember them with love.

  2. I agree with Jan. I lost my last grandparent about 3 years ago. My grandfather was one month from turning 99 and he was a retired Baptist preacher. I really miss him, but I know he is in a better place.

    Mom Paula

  3. I lost my grandma quite awhile ago. Her youngest brother is the only one still living out of 7 children. He is one year younger than her oldest child, too. Sadly, my grandma's middle child, my mom, passed away 2 years ago :( It is really hard. The gardenia bush is a lovely tribute to your grandma. We had a grdenia bush outside our front door as I was growing up and it is one of my favorite scents. It reminds me of soap, too LOL

  4. (((Hugs))) and Light. The gardenias are gorgeous and it's a wonderful memorial to your grandmother--and to have plants in the same pots that she had. I'm sure she'd be thrilled you still have them.

    I never knew my mom's mom--she died of car-accident related injuries very shortly after my birth. I have a couple of fuzzy memories of her father, who passed when I was 4 or 5. My father's father wasn't present much and of course they divorced at 60. But when I was a young child I did have a good relationship with Dad's mom, the only grandparent I really had. Unfortunately, after my own parents divorced and I chose to live with my mom, it was many years before she contacted me again.

    So treasure your memories and the relationship you did have--you truly were blessed, even though it's bittersweet.

  5. What a beautiful Gardenia bloom! Long may it flower and fill your heart with good memories of your wonderful grandmother. I think it's so important to remember family we've lost and to never let go of our memories of them! Take care

  6. Mumsy, Kwee, here and yes, I can so feel what you are saying. Between my grandparents being gone, and now Daddy too - it is all very bittersweet. But I love the scent of the lovely Gardenias, and its amazing how healing things like that can be.

    (((Hugs))) and thank you.

  7. Gardenias are gorgeous. We have a couple of plants here too. We think is is a great idea to hold onto your memories. It is so much fun to sit down and just remember all the old times. Have yourself a great day.

  8. The gardenia is beautiful and such a love way to bring back memories of your grandmother, and thereby of all your grandparents. We are even to the next stage now - all four of our parents are gone.

    Plants are a wonderful way to remember loved ones: we have a red Christmas cactus that was taken from cuttings of a plant my mother had over 30 years ago. When it blooms, I think the blooms are her way of connecting to us. We also have an azalea plant in the garden that she and my dad gave my husband for a birthday present. We moved it from our previous house but sadly had to leav the dogwood tree they also gave him behind.

    Happy memories to you.

    Simba's Mom

  9. She will be happy to see you keeping these flowers thriving! :D

  10. Keep those precious memories close to your heart and never let them go.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. I love Gardenias too!!!

    All of my Grandparents died before I was born or when I was very young and before my recollection. You are very blessed indeed to have had relationships with yours. I don't think you should let go of memories at all but instead hold them tight :-)

  12. Snow Ball bushes remind me of Dad's grandmother. She had one blue, one pink in front of the house and a creamy one to the right side.
    Never give up precious family memories, dear friend.
    I have a gardenis out front..I wish I could show it to you.

  13. Our purrs. All the human grandparents died very early on--the last when the Woman was about 8 I think so she never had much of a chance to know them.

  14. Memories are impawtant! Enjoy each and efurry one of them. Soft purrs and whisker kisses to you on this anniversary. xoxo

  15. My grandparents are long gone, but I too,have wonderful memories :)
    I believe your grandmother would be pleased to see your gardenia.(I like them too as they smell so pretty) Don't ever let go of your memories!!
    PeeEss: I also bought a book for my camera,hahaha
    Learning how it works is what the fun is about . It also keeps the brain healthy ;)

  16. Hold tight to your memories! Purrs to you as you remember your grandmother today.

  17. You know, my Human is at that age when there are almost no people left in her family from her parents' generation--she went to a funeral in Sacramento last Monday for an uncle (85) who was one of the very few left. She says it seems odd that they are nearly all gone now. But she's grateful that she had so many wonderful relatives, and knows that they live on in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

  18. ((((hugs)))) on this anniversary. Your grandmother would be so proud of how you are keeping her memory alive and how you posted this tribute to her.

    Memories are beautiful things. My grandparents passed quite some time ago, I still cherish wonderful memories, those memories always keep them alive.

  19. The gardenia is beautiful! It's wonderful that you have nurtured your grandmother's tree and can enjoy such a lovely reminder of her.


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