Monday, September 05, 2011

Mancat Monday With Ping

Ping is being mysterious!
Join me in wishing Mom a
very happy purrday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom Ping! Maybe I will come over and purr at her for her birthday? Would you like that? Your Gemini.

  2. Happy Purrday to your Mom!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! Purrs for a wonderful year ahead with the kitties.

  4. Happy birthday to your human!!

  5. Happy Birthday to mom! This look is working fur you, Ping! xoxo

  6. Happy Birfday to MOM! And Ping, you *do* look very mysterious for an orange boy!

    We are having Computer Troubles :-( We'll get around as much as we can. . .but it's time for a new machine!

  7. Mr. Ping, I guess this is a SURPRISE for your mommy !!!
    Happy Happy Birthday the Mommy !!!!!
    I hope your mom have a purrfect day : )

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mum!!! Awww yay!!!!! Me and Charlie hope she has a most special day today - filled with lots of extra treats!!! :-)

    Mr Ping! You are even more handsome being so mysterious!!!

    Take care

  9. Happy birthday to your mom, Ping! We hope she has a wonderful celebration today!

    You know the ladycats go for that air of mystery, right? :-)

  10. Very, very mysterious, Ping!

    Happy birthday to your mom! We hope she has the bestest day ever. :)

  11. Happy Purrday to your mom! Wishing her a happy year and many more to come.

  12. Happy Birthday to yor Mom!!! That is a great pic Mr. Ping!

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom, and happy Labor Day!

  14. Ping, we think you're hiding a big Happy Birthday meow behind that tail!

    We hope your Mom has a fabulous day!

  15. Happy purrthday to your mom, mystery man!

  16. Happy Birthday to your momma!

  17. Happy birthday to your awesome Mom!!! We can see you're being extra handsome for her today, Ping!

  18. Ping!!!! We love that look ;) Very handsome!!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big purrs to her :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  19. We likes that mysterious look, Ping.

    We dis jumping ups and downs! Happy Birthday to Mommy here! We gives you lots of purrs, (((hugs))) and kitty kisses! We want you to have bunches more happy you days!

    Our Mumsy wanted us to be sure and thank you for visiting her over on her Blogginer. Your visits and company help her feel muches better, so we wanted to be sure and thank you.

  20. Ping, you are SO handsome today! Extra special handsome in honor of your mom's birthday!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!

  21. We are so sorry we missed your Mom's Birthday! (We have been so behind in visiting.) So Happy Belated Birthday Mom! And many more...Cloon has his jazz paws goin' for ya for a fantastic year filled with special blessings and all your heart's desires.


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