Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today my Dad is 83.
The above picture is of him (in his uniform) with my Great Grandfather and Grandfather. My two Grandfathers passed away several decades ago. My Grandfather on the right lived into his 80's, and my Great Grandfather lived into his late 90's.

Time passes so quickly.
Too quickly.
It's hard to believe how quickly.

I love you Daddy and I am so grateful you are still on this earth.
You are still the world's BEST Daddy to me, and you always will be.
Happy Birthday.


  1. That is a wonderful birthday tribute. Happy Birthday to your Dad-

  2. What a great tribute and a great pic. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Love the pic.

  4. What a wonderful picture to have of the 3 generations of men. Happy Birthday and congratulations to your Dad.

  5. A big happy birthday to your dad! My human's dad is 92 - her mother was his second marriage - and he is still going strong and even living on his own!

  6. Oh wow!! What a most precious pic of three generations! Amazing!! Yay!

    Look at your very handsome dad! He has a very happy jovial sweet face too!! Awww!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy!! Take care

  7. Wonderful picture... You are so lucky to have your dad. I lost mine when I was 14....Cherish every moment. Happy Birthday!

  8. A very happy birthday to your dad! We hope he has a fabulous celebration.

    That picture is wonderful, by the way. And apparently the men in your family, at least, are very long-lived!

  9. We hope your Dad has a great birthday and gets lots of kitty kisses. Your grandfather and great grandfather were very alike your Father is too but not so much.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Awww Abby - we hope your daddy has the bestest birthday ever. It was neat seeing his pictures too.

  11. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

    jay boy
    capu from singapore

  12. Happiest of Birthday's to your Dad!
    Mine has been gone since '95 but my mom is 89 and still active.
    As I get older (51 now) I find it's amazing how fast time seems to go by. Sometimes I'll think something that happened only a few years ago turns out to be 8 years ago! Stuff like leaves me saying "where did the time go?" -Lynne

  13. Awww, Happy Birfdai to your Daddy! This is a verreh sweet tribute to him. The Human luffed her Daddy a lot, too.

  14. Happy Birthday to your Dad! That pic is so cool!!!

  15. How wonderful that you still have your father! I love that photo too. Happy New Year to Abby and the crew.

  16. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!
    What a wonderful picture of 3 generations. My Mom was born in March of 1928. She is still here too fighting lots of health issues but still smiling. They were a tough generation.
    Hugs C

  17. That is a wonderful photo to have of the three generations as a keepsake. Happy Birthday to your dad.

  18. Big hug to you too. And Happy Birthday to your daddy.

    Jail boy

  19. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!
    That is a fine trio of men, contemplating fishing ;)
    Hope his day is glorious !!!!!!

  20. Wow, what a great picture. Happy Happy Birthday to your Dad. Hope he has a good day and many more. Take care.

  21. We love seeing this post. What a nice picture to have. I wish we had more of our parents and grandparents. Cherish the time with your dad while you can. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  22. A lovely post - Happy Birthday Dad!

  23. wonderful tribute to your Dad! Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!

    I miss mine, he passed in 2001...

  24. Happy Birthday to your Dad! How nice he is still with you. Hope you got to celebrate together.

  25. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. You are blessed to still have each other. Cherish every day.
    Happy New Year!
    Debbie (a.k.a Glogirly)


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