Friday, January 20, 2012

Back To The Vet

UPDATE 10:45
Just got off the phone with the Vet.
They are done with the ultrasound.
She was diagnosed with IBS.

That is what I was referring to with the diarrhea problems she used to have. We knew she was getting ready to have a problem because she would act similiar to the way she had over the past 2 days and then she would have a buttexplosion and run around the house like her rear end was on fire. That had stopped for some time.

But the Vet is explaining to me that it could have gone into remission and this is just a really bad episode.

So she wanted to keep her overnight because she was afraid she would still be experiencing the vomiting. The Doctor said they could tell she is about to have one of her buttexplosions, and I thought she was too from what I saw happening on this end. (Literally and figuratively!) But I asked if she thought she'd be ok to come home this evening. And she said we would plan for me to pick her up at 5:30 and if she (the Vet) thought she needed to stay she would call me.

SOOOOO I am not 100% certain but it looks like she will be home tonight.
And on top of everything else I am waiting on S*ars to come and fix my oven, so hopefully we can manage to get this all done.


Abby ate a teeny tiny amount last night and took water.
I had high hopes that after a good night sleep she would feel better.
But, what I didn't realize was that the laxatone would cause her to begin having a leaky bottom. Abby used to be bothered with diarrhea, as of late, oh at least the past year or more, that had stopped. Well to see her with that again made my heart sink, she was having problems and I think her colon wasn't reacting too well and THAT made her feel bad.
She slept through the night on top of me like usual and at around 6am she jumped out of bed and threw up. So, I had my answer. That was definitely the one thing the Vet had said repeatedly if she kept throwing up we would need to do the ultrasound today especially with it being a Friday. She wouldn't be able to schedule another one until Monday and she didn't want Abby to suffer.

Abby looked very uncomfortable this morning and she is limp and nonresponsive. Her head is down and she just wants to lie there and sleep. She had that gagged look when I tried to feed her or even get her to sip water. So this morning her system was way way way off.

I called at 7:30 when they opened and the staff easily remembered us from the day before and told me to bring her in by 9:30.

So for most of the ride in (it's about 40 minutes) she was silent but then all of a sudden she started pleading with me to what I feel was take her home. Breaking my heart even deeper.

To have to leave her there -- alone -- is killing me right now.
I just can't bear thinking of her in a cage.
And I retain the image of her in her carrier being taken to the back by the vet staff and I told her goodbye, all I wanted to do was run and grab her and take her home with me.
OH she is going to be so mad when she comes home.

And I guess that's the rub.
I am afraid of her not coming home.
And what they will find on an ultrasound.

All of us are so attached to our babies and right now the house seems so empty. The other cats know I am upset and are upset themselves. I guess we are all off balance.


  1. We are purring so very hard right now that the vet can help Abby and get her feeling 100% again. (((HUGS)))

  2. That is so. tough, on you and her. We are sending our best purrs to sweet Abby and our best hugs to you.

  3. Many many purrs for you and Abby. This is going to be a tough day of waiting for phone calls wethinks. We really hope a GOOD solution is found x

  4. Sending love and Light to you, Debra, and to Abby. Purrs from the boys.

    Yeah, I know *exactly* how you feel, so no words needed.


    Here's hoping Abby will home today with a treatment plan for the IBS/IBD (there's LOTS of great info on that on the web), and with a clear, negative ultrasound.


  5. I'm so sorry to read about Abby.
    My daughter's cat,Harley, was diagnosed with IBD about 3 years ago. So I know exactly what struggle you are going through to regulate Abby's symptoms.
    Harley, takes multiple pills daily for nausea, IBD, diabetes and then a stool softener.His IBD presents in constipation. He will get backed up then vomit due to that. IBD is tricky. We'll keep you all in our prayers.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Mario's mom here - our hearts are breaking for you dear friend. We so know how you feel. M has had IBS and also Colitis - very miserable diseases. Poor baby. Hopefully they can find a medicine that will help her. HUGS to you mom, it's terrible when our fur babies are sick and rely on us to "fix it" for them. They make us feel so guilty when we have to send them off to the vet.

  7. We did not know that sweet Abby was feeling poorly! We are sending BIG purrs to you and our beautiful friend that she is okay and home with you soon.

  8. Oh my stars!! Oh Abby,sweet gorgeous Abbby! Me and and Charlie are cranking up our purrs and hugs to you and mum - we have everything crossed that the ultrasound results will be good! We hope hope hope you get back home soon! You are all in our hearts!! Take care

  9. I really think sometimes these things are harder on us than they are on the cats! Hopefully the vet will have some medication to help Abby's IBS settle down and she will be felling better soon.

  10. I pray for you and Abby.

    I can very much relate to that fear of the loved kitty not coming back home and the resistance to bringing them in for fear of what the diagnosis will be.

  11. Hugs and more hugs! I'm sorry you had to leave her at the vet, but I hope they are able to do something for her! We're purring and praying for you both!

  12. We are very sorry to hear that Abby seems to be suffering from a bout of IBS. We are purring and sending purrayers that this will clear up soon. Hugs, and hope she gets home this evening, home is best.


  13. Yes, it's so lonely without them even when dropping off and waiting to come home. We hope Abby will be okay and home this evening. Pawhugs.

  14. This is Admiral's and Katie's mom. I know that horribe feeling and about leaving them..and leaving them in a cage. When Admiral was in a few months back for 4 days and nights, I asked the CB to please purr and purray for her that she not be scared without me and all alone in a cage full of strange smells and hearing sounds.

    I didn't know your Abby was so badly off and I send prayers for you and on behalf of her. Much love and warm hugs. I am there with you.

  15. Many Hugs to you Mom Debra.
    This is so hard ! I send many many of purrs and paws crossed to her. I hope the doctor fid a good solution to keep her well. and I hope she will be back to your arms so soon.

  16. We are really hoping that the vet can sort Abby out. So heart wrenching. Purrs and prayers xox

  17. OH we've just read the update! Oh sweet Abby! IBS? Oh dear! We continue to send lots and lots of purrs and hugs your way - we truly hope she returns home asap!!

    Take care

  18. Oh thank goodness I read this AFTER you posted the update! Poor little sweetie. She will be soo soo sooooo happy to come home with you.

    I hope she is feeling MUCH MUCH better and that together you can all find a good plan to keep her on an even keel :-)

  19. Poor Abby's mom, I knows dis is so difficult furs you. It's ao hard to sees da furbabies sick, you feel so helpless.
    I'm glad they was ables to diagnose her problem and you can has a plan furs da futire.
    But, please know we is ending our thoughts to you.


  20. I hope Abby is able to come home tonight and that her IBS settles down. It's awful to have your insides feel that way.

  21. Our Minnie has had IBS for many years alternating the runs with constipation. It comes and goes in cycles. She will be fine for weeks and then another episode. I have managed this with adding the herb slippery elm to her food and lately add SeaCure - a fish protein that they give people that ate malnourished - it is easy to digest and helps heal the digestive tract. She is doing well on that. I am here if you need any info. Sending purrs.

  22. We are so sorry you all are going through this. We pray for a quick diagnosis and cure. All our purrs & good wishes are with you.

  23. Oh Abby. Our internets were down and I just came by to see how you were. I hate that you had to go through that but I am glad it is nothing that is completely horrible--just a horrible horrible episode. I hope your butt explosion was not too bad and that you are feeling better. Purrs to you-


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