Friday, January 20, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday

Our dear sweet Gracie.


  1. Sweet Gracie! You should ALWAYS sit in the sun. Demand a sunbeam or sunlamp follow you around 24/7!

  2. What a gorgeous photo of Gracie. I get warm (in this subzero Minnesota cold) just looking at her.
    xo Katie

  3. Miss Gracie,

    Could you please tell Abby, I do purrs more for her to get back for her appetite !
    Me and Mom wonder, The last visited the VET. Did her doctor check her teeth ? We used to hear some time kitty can't eat, not because they are not well but the tooth ! I hope nothing serious for her
    Paws Crossed for Miss Abby


    PS : Sorry about late visited, It's mom first week back to work and the weather just gone crazy ! sometime is so Hot and then Cold in another day. Mom feel tired. But we have you in our though

  4. That is a gorgeous photo of you, Gracie!

  5. Lovely Gracie!! You are just so darling!! Take care

  6. Glad Abby is a little better. Hope she will eat a little bit today. Did the vet give her a shot or anything?? We sure are sending tons and tons of purrs for a full recovery.
    Great picture Grace. We love feral kitties. They are the best. Have a great day.Take care.

  7. Gracie is such a looker! So very purties!

    Hope you is feeling betters Miss Abby!


  8. Gracie you look very pretty in the lovely sunlight.
    We hope Abby is feeling better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. You are very pretty Gracie.
    We are keeping our purrs going for Abby.

  10. Gracie is lovely.Besides too I love that name.


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