Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Beau has joined Cathy today. I know it was a joy filled reunion.
Beau's blog is still accessible here the last post was Aug 29,2011, Cathy passed away Sept 1, 2011.
Beau went to live with Rose and the Royals after Cathy passed because her family could not take Beau.
Rose, Cathy would be so appreciative of all you did for Beau.
Rose has also mentioned on the CB that she is closing her blog.

Our hearts ache for you dear Beau.

We saw on THE ROYALS blog one picture of Beau with no commentary
and comments are off, we feel Beau is transitioning to join Mom Cathy.
Beau you were a good friend to all of us but especially your sweet friendship with Boo was so special.
We are all rejoicing that you will be able to rejoin your Mom,
but we are sad for ourselves.
Selfish, I know.
But, fly away dear one, be one with your Mom.
She will be so happy to see you.
It's OK to go.
We will see you again.
Kisses Beau softly on the forehead.
Deep appreciation to Rose and all the Royals for watching over Beau.


  1. Such a gentleman and he will live in all our hearts forever.

  2. Rose gave Beau such a good home after his human died... too bad he did not have very long to enjoy it. :-(

  3. Beau sounds he was very much loved in his adoptive family after his Mom passed. This is very sad but yet, we know Beau will be reunited with his Mom, Cathy.

  4. Oh my goodness. I just clicked over to the Royals. This is so so sad.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Take care

  5. Oh that is so sad. Such a handsome boy too, Our deepest sympathy to his family.

  6. Beau was indeed a gentleman cat, and we will miss him dearly. Our solace is that he will see his Mom Cathy again.

  7. Our purrs for Beau and to Rose and all the Royals...

  8. I never met Beau or Cathy...I am so sorry though...Beau looked like one handsome guy

  9. Yep, Beau will be back with his Mom Cathy. Rose did put a comment on the CB that he had gone to the bridge. It really sad but Beau will be happy. Take care.

  10. This is the first we heard of Beau's passing. How very sad! We are so sorry things worked out this way, and will be purring for everyone.

  11. We are sad to hear that Beau has gone to the Bridge. We will miss him. He touched so many of us. But we know he has joined his mom Cathy...and what a joyous reunion that must have been!

    We send comforting purrs to Rose and the Royals.

  12. One day all of us, kittehs and Humans alike, will be together again. The Human likes to think about seeing all her favorite fur babies someday. She thinks they will be waiting for her. I didn't know Beau or Cathy, but I bet they is cuddling tonight XOXOXO

  13. We're really sad to hear that Beau has gone to the Bridge. We know he will be happy to be with Cathy again.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi