Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures of Hail

Kitties this just happened at our house.
Nope it's not snow.
Look at how it covers the ground.
Mom said you can see the sun is trying to come out.
It's rain,hailing and the sun is out.
This is our front rose bed.
and finally after it had slowed and nearly stopped,
we got fog.
It was heavy fog.
But it only lasted about 90 seconds.
All of us kitties, well except me, I was following Mom around
The rest of the kitties hide UTB.
Mom and Dad both said they had never experienced anything like this!


  1. On Monday several blogs I visited had pictures that were only showing colored horizontal stripes. I discovered if I clicked on the picture all would appear at the bottom in thumbnail form. Then Tuesday when I was preparing my Thursday post 3 out of 8 pictures I loaded were horizontal stripes. I tried several things to get them loaded. I finally used different pictures. Today I have also visited several blogs with crazy horizontal pictures. I reckon blogger is making an 'improvement'
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. My goodness, we just had a wee bit and you got the rest!

  3. Yikes! If I didn't know better I would think they picked your state up and plunked it down farther north - much farther north - like Alaska. he he I hope your plants didn't get damaged.

  4. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!! That is just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope the gardens are OK.
    Hugs to all the scared kitties :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Are you sure you don't live in Ok-lee-homa, near us? Amazing pics!

  6. We had crazy hail like that last November (and we live in southern California, so it is not at all typical of weather here) - we kitties were also unnerved by the racked it made!

  7. Oh my, I've never expeienced hail. One of my friends in Georgia said they had hail too. Strange.

  8. Oh wow! That's quite some hail! So much happening in such a short time too.

  9. Oh how crazy!!! Yay!! Oh wow!! Glad you were all inside and yay for UTB!!! Take care

  10. Oh HAIL!
    Nows dat is just weird and skeerey!
    I has seen hail befores but nuttin' quite likes dat!


  11. WOW! There is certainly some strange weather about!!

  12. Wow what crazy weather! I must admit I love fog though, makes for beautiful pictures :-)


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