Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mega Adoptathon Success

The mega adoptathon has so far been a tremendous success.
The two day total officially announced this morning is 745 adoptions for Friday and Saturday.
Literally they are running out of animals.
Since today is the final day adoptions fees have been slashed.
It is only $10 to adopt a cat or dog that is microchipped, spayed or neutered, all vaccines, and a city license (our county requires you pay $25 for a license each year for each animal). So that is a fabulous bargain. Maybe we'll have 1000 forever new homes, wouldn't that be just beyond the pale?

Will keep you updated!!!


  1. The only thing I worry about is the kind of check that would be done on the humans adopting. Because for $10, there could be people adopting for less-than-desirable reasons. Not trying to ruin a wonderful thing, and probably most will be going to wonderful forever least I hope so. I'm just so leery of give-away events like this. :-/

    On the plus side, all the animals are already spayed and neutered, which is awesome. That's not done at our city's shelter, unfortunately. (Automatic altering.)

  2. That is so wonderful and hooray for the new forever homes!

  3. That really is fabulous news. Good for everyone getting that done. It sure makes us happy to hear about all those kitties finding homes. Take care.

  4. We hope all those animals will be very very happy and cared for and loved in their new homes. That is an astonishing number of adoptions! We hope your Daddy also got some good business for his cat trees and condos.

  5. Great news on the adoptions and we love the box pics
    Hugs from your BFFF

  6. WOW!!!! That is incredible!!!

    I think that is the largest number I have ever heard of!!!

    The realistic side of me thinks that Fuzzy Tales has a point, are they thoroughly screening these people since they are offering the animals at such a low price.

    I think with our Humane Society it is about $50 or so

  7. That is great news that so many are being adopted. We hope they all get good and loving homes.

  8. I've read others' reports on this awesome adoption event - this has been an AMAZING weekend for lots of homeless pets in Florida!

  9. WOW!!! That is truly amazing!!
    We purr they all got good homes.

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  10. We think that is great. Our Humane Society's fee is over $100. Concatulations! We wanted to thank you for celebrating our Gotcha Day with us too!

  11. 745 adoptions is stunning! We hope each and every adoption werks out WUNNERFULLY!!!


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