Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Cherry On Top

Sorry this is a bit blurry.
I was holding those cherries with one hand and
using the camera with the other.
But Abby's expression is so darned cute.
I could not resist sharing this.

::::sniff sniff sniff:::

More sniffing.
But no takers.
They said "cherries"?
C'mon get serious.
Now mouse tails, that would interest us.
A lot!
Want to take a moment and send our strongest purrs
to those in the path of ISAAC.
This is a very serious threat.
We have been experiencing only the outer feeder bands.
Our purrayers are with those about to be impacted by the full wrath
of this hurricane.

Also for those who asked about our twitter
please use our side bar to follow us to twitter.
It's @manxmnews!
Hope to see you tweeps!!!


  1. Sounds awful! We hope you are well out of it. Nice cherries :-)

  2. We are purring hard for the people in the path. And I hope both of you get something better than cherries! Really.

  3. Great pics! Yes, we too are very concerned fur our furriends in the path of this storm. Stay safe!

  4. Toss those cherries on the floor, sans stems, and I bet they'd bat them around a lot! MOL

  5. I am glad that Issac has passed far below you kitties, but I'm purring lots for those who are not as fortunate!

  6. We're so thankful you aren't in the direct path of Isaac. We're purring and praying real hard for those who are.
    Heh heh. Those cherries look like they'll be fun to bat around!

  7. We are hoping that everyone will be safe and hurrican Isaac will not be too cruel.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Our local radio station is keeping us up to date on the hurricane front even though we are far north east of it. We are keeping those who maybe in it's path in our thoughts and purrayers.

    What nice, red, and ripe looking cherries!!

  9. Those are such cute pics! We are worried about all of our pals near the gulf too.

  10. Abby you are a star cherry licker!!
    What a darling picture. Well done mom we think the pic and focus is excellent!!

    Purrs to all along Isaac's path.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. Hi guys! Cherry picking, eh! lol

    Isaac has even made it to our news. We hope everyone is safe !! xx

  12. Sweet Abby and gorgeous Mr Ping!! Cherries are yummy but not as yummy as erm.. mouse tails! LOL! Take care

  13. Those cherries are pretty interesting. Love you expression looking at them. Those do look a little like a mouse tail so maybe they need some batting around. Take care and have a great evening.

  14. PING CHERRIES! Mommy loved that. I don't get it.

  15. I think I would like those cherries because they are red. I like red!


  16. We think cherries make great toys, but not even Julie wants to share them with the mom when the mom has some.

    Our mom is doing good. She has up and down times, but is comforted with the peaceful passing of her mom and knowing she helped to make it that way. She'd be a basket case otherwise!

  17. Sorry, she also says thanks so much for asking!

  18. We lubz the pictures wif the cherries! They look so nice wif Abby's furz!

    We is purraying for all in the path of the storm XOXOXO

  19. Cherries make great toys: they roll on the floor!

  20. ohhh fresh fruit...hmmmmm...runs fridge...


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