Friday, August 17, 2012


Ping is perplexed.
Just look at that chart and you'll see why.
We borrowed it from the Last Chance Animal Rescue website.
(excellent rescue shelter btw)
It confirms what we've read elsewhere.
All of those pretty national ads which pull at our heartstrings for
BIG shelters like the (National) Humane Society or Peta are
NOT helping put animals in homes.
I won't go into what they do but suffice to say they don't save animals.
I feel very strongly about donating to small privately held rescues whether local or
not. YOU can see how your donations help and how much it means.
But when you see the budgets (a lot of it from donations) of the BIG "shelters"
I wonder just who is getting that $$$$
It sure ain't the ones that they show in their in advertisements.
So now you understand why Ping is perplexed.


  1. We've read some things about PETA and the Humane Society lately too that we're not too happy with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's really interesting, I wonder where my local amazing cat only shelter/sanctuary stands in comparison.

  3. Actually, these groups do things that help animals in the long run, just not direct adoptions. Somebody has to lobby for animal protection laws, and groups like the Humane Society have to go in and rescue animals from hoarding situations like they did with Haven Acres last year, or Best Friends with the Great Kitty Rescue in Pahrump, NV a few years earlier. It is important to donate to the local rescues - that is where individual pets get adopted - but it is also important to look at the bigger picture and know that somebody needs to fight for animals with lawmakers too, and get involved with big organizational efforts for disaster response. That is something small, local rescues cannot do.

  4. We wholeheartedly agree! Thanks fur sharing this.

  5. We've been a little concerned about this topic ourselves of late. In a way it's almost better to help some of our friends that do amazing rescue work than some of these large organisations.

  6. I think the Canadian HS is about the same, frankly. Shelters here are either part of the official HS, are affiliated with them but not under the jurisdiction of their rules, or are private. I don't know how our shelter does, I do know a of their $ (and they get substantial $ from the City, as they also are animal control services for this area) goes toward euthansia costs, salaries, etc.

    Then I look at the shelter the boys came from and they get no government funding and are no-kill. Mind you, they're usually over-crowded too, which is not good for the cats' physical or mental health.

    I've heard horror stories about PETA, never would support them, frankly.

  7. Actually, Sparkle makes a good point, I do admit that. Should have read the comments before I posted.

  8. We have one big animal rescue which is the RSPCA which rescues all animals throughout the UK. We also have purely dog and cat ones too but many of the animals up for adoption come from small shelters and they need funding just to keep going month to month - some of them have old farm animals living there too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. We understand your confusion Ping!!!!

  10. while we agree with Sparkle that some group has to appeal nationally and try to lobby to make changes, we have some issues with some of the way we do. mom has never liked peta and she lost interest in HSUS when the head came out and supported Michael Vick and wanted to destroy the dogs.

    we say go local and support those on the ground doing the hard work.

  11. We haven't donated to HSUS in 15 years because they were so focused on gift giving to get money which was sort of a waste, you know? We would still support Best Friends, although their numbers aren't as good, they have done so much to raise awareness about "another" way to adopt out pets. I'm sure they require staff and they do tons of advertising (costly). As other shelters learn from them, we think they are valuable but the vast majority of our money goes to our local Purrfect Pals. Oh and we'd consider our LOCAL HSUS for direct donations.
    And Ping? Gemini wants to come sit with you in your cooler house. It's supposed to set records here...

  12. We agree. It happens here as well so we ask Mommy to send our donations to the privately run animal charities where we know how the money is being spent. Certainly not for the "chairperson" to go on frequent vacations!

  13. I agree somewhat with Spark;e also. Our local humane Society is a pretty good shelter. I've talked with them at length about this subject and they have assured me that last year they only put down 15 cats over the year because they just didn't have any room. They do foster some of the cats deemed nearly unadoptable trying to tame them to become adoptable. I don't trust PETA at all. The kept Mario for 2 months before we came along to adopt him.

  14. Hey Handsome and I feel the very same way. We always donate to Second Chance Animal Shelter here in Raleigh and Mom makes cage blankets for them too.
    hugs Madi

  15. We only give when we know where the money goes!

  16. Thanks for the post. It sure is a quandary. I guess we should support both. Where does ASPCA fit int he scheme of things?

  17. We prefer to support smaller shelters where we know the money goes to the welfare of the animals, and not in wages of too many managers.

  18. The humans have been reading things that are a little perplexing too...
    So I understand Ping!

  19. The large groups create needed awareness with their high budget marketing but for my money I like to think small and local. Every community has a small cat rescue group and they can always use volunteers of every kind. Every little bit helps.

  20. I agree with you Ping and Sparkle has an excellent point too.

  21. That's very interesting. Our mom will donate to some of the big groups, not much, but something. And she always donates to the smaller rescues too...because we know they don't get the big bucks like the big ones do.

  22. Ping, I am right there with you. I haven't ever seen it illustrated so dramatically (Eight? really??) I am always amazed by what my little shelter can do..


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