Monday, September 10, 2012

Vet Update

Abby is over at the Vet's.
They will be giving her at least one enema and hopefully that will clear her
all out!
They had the cutest kitten up for adoption in the lobby.
He was a nice distraction as I played with him through his cage.
I am worried for my little baby.
But I know she needs some relief.
She was terribly uncomfortable yesterday.
so now...
I wait....


  1. We will wait along with you and look forward to hearing good news later today.

  2. Paws crossed and purring for poop! Abby, be good at the vet's office and please keep us updated.

  3. Purrs to sweet Abby from all of us.

  4. Oh Abby we are so sorry you have a back up...My sis's kitty had those too so we know how uncomfortable you must have been. Hugs and purrs
    madi and mom

  5. Poor Abby. We're purring that everything works out and Abby can be home very soon. Keep us updated!

  6. Oh noes!! What did me and Charlie miss? Oh poor Abby!! Please please get better sweet Abby and please come home soon!! Take care

  7. Fingers and paws crossed that did the trick, poor baby.

  8. Poor Abby. I know from past experience that enemas are not nice but hope it does it's work for you. We both send our purrs for poop.

  9. I pray and get the kitties to purr for you all. I hope all is well soon enough.


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